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Google Cloud Solutions: The Ultimate Productivity Tool

At SADA Systems, we work every day to transform organizations through innovative cloud-based solutions. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, SADA Systems has proven expertise in enterprise consulting, cloud platform migration and deployment, custom application development, managed services, user adoption, and change management. By working with SADA Systems, our customers can leverage our engineering staff to do a full assessment, roadmap, and implementation of Google Cloud and all of its offerings. Our years of experience doing cloud migrations allows us to take each use case and help our clients not only personalize their cloud journey, but leverage our experience to avoid roadblocks along the way.

Which Google Cloud Solution Fits Your Needs?


The world’s most innovative companies are connecting and building on Google Cloud and enterprises large and small have chosen SADA Systems as their cloud advisor and go-to technology partner. SADA Systems is a Google Cloud Premier Partner focused on helping organizations drive their business forward with transformational cloud strategies. It’s vital to have a trusted expert partner like SADA Systems since having a solid partner plays such an important role in cloud transformation and staying competitive in the industry. We help clients navigate the journey to the cloud and provide closer access to Google at no additional cost. As one of the original Google Cloud partners, SADA is able to come to the table with extensive experience to help our clients make a seamless transition to the cloud. SADA has expertise in industries such as technology, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment, hospitality, finance, manufacturing, and professional services. We have proven expertise in enterprise consulting, cloud platform migration and deployment, custom application development, managed services, user adoption and change management with a successful track record of delivering all Google Cloud solutions, including G Suite, Google Cloud Platform, Chrome, Google Enterprise Search, and Google Maps.


Google Cloud by SADA Systems - Your Google Cloud Premier Partner

2017 Google Cloud Partner

SADA Systems is a Google Cloud Premier Partner providing consultative and technical services for G Suite, Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps API, and Chrome.

Terms to Know

Cloud: The use of hardware resources over the public internet.

GCP: Google Cloud Platform; Google’s public cloud offering.

AWS: Amazons Web Service. The first public cloud.

Advantages of Cloud Computing


More and more organizations are moving to the cloud. According to Gartner, “Cloud Shift” will affect more than $1 trillion in IT spending by 2020. Our customers are beginning to leverage the cloud to help supplement some of the limitations and hardships of running their own datacenter. Some are even going all-in cloud. Our clients have found that GCP’s resiliency and high availability makes it the perfect platform as a disaster recovery site. Some recognize the sheer size and speed of Google’s network and leverage this backbone to serve application data to end users all over the world with lower latency. Even those who need their datacenter locally to leverage low latency and high performance compute can find benefit for spikes in workload by sending these bursts to the cloud to supplement their own resources.

Today, many companies are moving further away from time managing an operating system and beginning to utilize containers to easily move and scale their applications on any server. As we move further up the stack and away from managing underlying components, we can now focus on what it is that makes our applications run: code. No longer do we need to focus on the hardware needed for a server, the OS, the network, or how many or where our end users are.

We find that a lot of SADA Google customers have begun investing heavily in the native Google APIs into their Cloud strategy. By taking advantage of Google’s advanced machine learning APIs, customers can build powerful enterprise applications with little code. Tools like Speech API allow call center customers to transcribe millions of minutes of data which can then be analyzed in real time, offering insight into live calls. These APIs are completely cloud hosted by Google, so no management or upkeep is ever required of the customer. Simply write your companies application, and Google brings the advantage of enterprise level performance to your solution through their APIs. This is beneficial to our customers since they do not have to spend countless hours into training their models, ingesting hours of data, fine tuning their algorithms, or maintaining the hardware (on top of writing the application). Being agile and quick to market is key in today’s industry, and with innovation and power of Google, we find our customers pushing to production faster than ever before.


Paving a Path with Google Cloud Platform: Top 5 Tech Considerations for GCP

Google Cloud

In 2017, we saw an increase in cloud adoption as well as a rise in breaches. So what does this mean? Here are five cloud trends to watch for from GCP.

Terms to Know

Cloud Computing: The allocation of physical resources, reserved and provisioned specifically to a human or organization for computational purposes.

Machine Learning: An automated application that takes data, learns from it, and makes suggestions to provide deeper insight and analytics.

Searching for the Best Search Engine


SADA Systems is a deployment partner of Google’s new enterprise search tool, Google Cloud Search. We worked side-by-side with Google through the development phases of Google Cloud Search and deployed one of the first projects on the new platform with our client, Colgate-Palmolive. Google Cloud Search brings the power and simplicity of Google web search to the enterprise, making it effortless for employees to securely search on-premise and cloud-based content repositories. SADA Systems provides implementation services to help companies deploy Google Cloud Search, including developing content connectors, integrating with corporate security systems, and creating intuitive and functional user interfaces. SADA Systems is the go-to partner of choice for Google Cloud Search due to our exceptional customer service, deep technical knowledge of Google Cloud Search, and ability to successfully execute complex projects.



Google Cloud Search

Google Search Enterprise

Google Cloud Search helps companies intelligently and securely index their data whether that data is stored in the cloud or on-premise, enabling companies to implement the power of Google Search within their own business.

Creative Circle Connects Talent with Opportunities Using Google Search Enterprise

Creative Circle on Google search for work

Learn how a customized version of Google Enterprise Search saved recruiters at Creative Circle time and lowered acquisition costs. [Case Study]

Terms to Know

Search EngineA plaintext bar where inputted text that allows users to find what they are looking for through the use of advanced algorithms.

PaaS: Platform as a Service; a foundationally layer to develop an application without the use of traditional hardware/servers.

IaaS: Infrastructure as a service; a virtual server that looks and feels like a native computer.

Improve Performance with a G Suite Account


A Forbes study found that employees lose a tremendous amount of time working on tasks that are necessary for their role but don’t really strengthen their company’s competitive edge. Workers spend 2.5 hours each day, or 30% of their time, searching for information.  So how can executives and managers eliminate time spent on menial tasks to improve workplace productivity and drive a higher bottom line? G Suite offers communication and collaboration tools that truly bring teams together. Email, Calendar, Drive, and Hangouts are just a few of the ways employees can collaborate.

Forrester investigated organizational ROI from adopting G Suite and published their results in The Total Economic Impact of G Suite. Forrester found organizations that adopted G Suite experienced a total risk-adjusted 304% return on their investment. Most of our clients (with 5,000 or more employees) that adopt G Suite save at least seven figures. One example is Hunterdon Healthcare. Hunterdon acquired a vast and dispersed application portfolio over 20 years of one-off adoptions. They sought to simplify and modernize this portfolio to improve collaboration. Hunterdon adopted G Suite and was able to transition away from their legacy systems. By moving to G Suite, they not only improved collaboration, they also realized a projected savings of $1.3 million per year.

Organizations who have Gone Google typically realize ROI from their G Suite investment through three different “buckets”:

  1. Hard Cost Savings: Realized when they replace their existing software licenses with a single lower-cost (but fully functional) G Suite license.
  2. Soft Cost Savings: Realized when they calculate the cost of projected investments that adopting G Suite prevents.
  3. Non-Financial ROI: Realized from their hard-to-quantify organizational benefits like increased collaboration and worker mobility.


4 Ways G Suite Increases Work Productivity

G Suite Productivity

4 ways G Suite increases workplace productivity with AI and Machine Learning, faster file searching, better collaboration, and more.

G Suite - Enterprise Solutions

G Suite Digital Enterprise

Google G Suite is easily adopted on the enterprise level thanks to their familiar, intuitive collaboration and productivity capabilities.

3 Ways G Suite Enterprise Brings the Digital Enterprise Together

Google Admin

G Suite Enterprise takes email and collaboration to the next level. Here’s the top 3 reasons why enterprises look to Google’s G Suite.

How G Suite Drives ROI

G Suite Tools

Forrester Research has found G Suite can drive 304% ROI. We explore their functionality to discern how they generate value.

Terms to Know

ROI: Return on Investment.

Maximize Communication with G Suite Collaboration


Enterprise collaboration platforms like G-Suite offer a full range of applications and functionality all under a single cloud solution. Each function talks to, works with, and integrates seamlessly with each other function—helping to solve the technical sticking point blocking enterprise collaboration maturity.

Choosing the right enterprise collaboration platform can solve some significant human-centered challenges. Everyone uses the same tools, reducing a diverse, personalized, and chaotic collaboration ecosystem.

Google Hangouts also helps users connect real-time with colleagues and host video calls and meetings with multiple people. Google Calendar can easily sync with Outlook and other calendaring tools, and can work with people both inside and outside the organization.

Google also provides 30GB of free storage, 24/7 support, synchronization with competing office suites, and has a marketplace of more than 4 million integrate-able apps to enhance the user experience. It’s tough to beat a solution that has users functioning within seconds of logging in.

Docs, Sheets, and Slides, perhaps the most-used file creation tools in G Suite, enable users to leave comments and engage in virtually any type of collaboration imaginable. This eliminates the need for attachments and removes the problem of having multiple versions or team members providing feedback to a document one person at a time over email. Multiple people can work on a document at the same time, making changes anytime, anywhere, from any device.  G Suite also means workers will be using the most recent version of every file; no more searching through email threads for attachments, just to wonder if the most current file is even being accessed.

There is no hardware or on-premise servers to maintain since all of Google’s tools are in the cloud. And security is Google’s #1 priority. Google employs over 750+ experts focused on securing Google and Google Cloud. Only properly authenticated devices and users have authorized access. They even have hysical access protections, which include biometrics, retinal scanners, and laser detection. And all data is encrypted at rest as well as all communication.


Enterprise Collaboration: 4 Key Trends (and One Big Reality Check for Many Business Leaders)

G Suite Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise collaboration growth is projected to reach $8.5 billion by 2024. What does this trend mean for you and your organization?

G Suite and the Digital Enterprise

Happy team undergoing transformational organization change

Enterprise productivity and collaboration solutions had been fairly unchanged until the cloud era. Then came G Suite Enterprise.

Terms to Know

App deployment: The ability to launch your code and be utilized.

Be a SADA Success Story

SADA Systems has helped thousands of organizations move to the cloud. As one of the original launch partners, SADA Systems has a successful track record of working with both Google and our clients to bring their users and infrastructure to the cloud.

One of our clients, Colgate-Palmolive, migrated over 28,000 users with the help of the SADA Systems migration and change management teams.

Contact a representative today on how you can transform your organization on your journey to the cloud!

“We were encouraged by the positive responses from employees when we announced we were going Google. Working with Google and SADA Systems, in one weekend in November we took 23,000 users live, and a total of 28,000 users live globally within six months.” – Mike Crowe, CIO, Colgate-Palmolive

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