BCBG Max Azria Streamlines Communication with Office 365 ProPlus

BCBG Max Azria Streamlines Communication with Office 365 ProPlus


BCBG Max Azria Group (BCBG) is a recognized global leader of women’s fashion and contains an extensive portfolio that encompasses over 19 brands both in retail and/or wholesale for over 45 countries on 5 continents.

Business Challenge

Prior to moving to Office 365, BCBG ran Microsoft Exchange 2003, while employees used Microsoft Office 2003 – the outdated solutions began to present challenges for both employees and IT. With email being a primary driver of productivity, BCBG found themselves being limited by their current available mail storage size limit, which also did not allow users to send or receive photos and other large attachments, deemed essential in many employees’ day to day operations.


With more than 10,000 employees worldwide, BCBG needed a solution like Office 365 that would allow seamless global communication with robust functionality and effortless scalability. Storage was also vital, as BCBG was growing at two to three terabytes of photos and videos per month. With the Office 365 Pro Plus suite, BCBG was able to take advantage of SharePoint Online and unlimited OneDrive storage. Also, BCBG’s employees are now able to access critical information on-the-go and work effectively anywhere, and on any device.

Below are the key reasons why BCBG chose Office 365 ProPlus:

  • Ease of adoption and change management
  • Increased mailbox size
  • Subscription-based model providing flexibility

Results and Benefits

“SADA is a company that I can trust to help me get through this transformation successfully,” said Kent Fuller, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure Services at BCBG. “SADA is very clear on what they’re going to do for you, and they execute.”

Below are some of the benefits BCBG realized since implementing Office 365 ProPlus:

  • Employees enjoy the benefits of an advanced productivity environment
  • Smooth transition with as little disruption to business as possible Office ProPlus providing click-to-run and ability to download Office 2013 on their desktop
  • Lightened the burden on IT; users now able to manage their own Outlook folders and mailboxes
  • Ability to store large amounts of media data in the cloud securely using SharePoint
  • Virtually limitless scalability in the cloud

Is Office 365 Just Office in the Cloud?

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