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The social network you know, designed for internal collaboration. Completely separate from your personal account, Workplace allows you to update your Groups, share files, and communicate via text and video chats. Remove the silos of communication: Get to know Workplace.

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Better Communications with Workplace

The world’s most popular social platform is now available to help your business teams stay engaged and in the loop. Allow everyone, regardless of stature, to stay up to date on projects and company news. 

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Leverage collective team knowledge and understand the pulse of your organization.

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Establish an engaged culture to foster connections and employee retention.

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Collaborate on creative projects, share content, and chat securely to get more done.

Simplified Collaboration

Create different types of Groups, organize discussions around topics, and collaborate with teams, agencies, and remote employees.


    Teams & Projects

   Open Discussions

    Social and More

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Workplace by Facebook

Familiar Tools

Drive adoption and productivity with familiar tools.



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Seamless Sharing

Easily share files, comment on projects and loop in stakeholders.

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“We have found much greater adoption of Workplace for our 600-employee team, compared with our previous enterprise collaboration solution. Executives love it and use it much more readily than our previous platform, which is primarily due to Workplace’s excellent mobile platform and familiarity. As well, our 200 remote employees tell us that they feel more connected to the company, and that’s important for our cohesiveness and ability to deliver great service to our clients.”

— John Wilson, CEO, Wilson HCG

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Starbucks now has over 80% of their store managers using Workplace on a weekly basis.

Why SADA Systems for Workplace?

As a Workplace Launch Service Partner, SADA Systems is an ideal choice to help you leverage Workplace. We can help your organization develop policy and governance, configuration and administration, communications and training and establish user adoption reporting. Ask our experts today how you can start communicating better with Workplace today.

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