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Microsoft Power BI

In order to succeed in today’s digital business world, companies must be agile, reliable, and innovative. The democratization of business intelligence has made it possible to accelerate this process by changing the way people access, use, manage, store and share business data. Microsoft Power BI allows users to customize, analyze and visualize their data with easy-to-use tools and innovative technology without the cost of Big Data.

With Microsoft Power BI for Office 365, you have the power to gain deeper business insights from both on-premises and cloud stored data in a dynamic, stunning interactive visualization without the high costs previously associated with Big Data. This cost-effective digital solution will unlock powerful insights and uncover hidden information that will allow your company to make informed decisions to help your business thrive, provide better service to your customers and make investments which lead to ROI.

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Bring Your Data to Life

Access is key to doing business in this digital age. Power BI can analyze and transform your data to gain deeper business insights from virtually anywhere and on any device. This digital solution brings your business to the forefront of technology and allows it to flourish whether on-site or on the go.

As cloud services continue to grow, there is also an increase in data volume and processing needs. Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 helps your business successfully manage and process data while keeping up with the employee demand for more simplified, intuitive connections with that data.

Power BI for Office 365 goes beyond your existing analytics tools. Excel spreadsheets, on-premises data sources, Hadoop datasets, streaming data, and cloud services: Power BI brings together all your data together in one place so you can start analyzing and make business decisions in seconds. This premiere business solution offers companies the ability to identify new insights from data while enabling collaboration and access to this information in a secure environment. Power BI gives you the resources to develop innovative strategies to be a leader in your industry.

Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 offers features that will deepen data insights and result in better business decisions:

  • Easy mapping, exploring, and interacting with 3D geographic and temporal data.
  • Create interactive charts, graphs, and other visual representations of data with Power View.
  • Turn your business around with Power Pivot. This useful tool allows your business to develop and customize flexible data models within Excel.
  • Search and access public and company data with ease using Power Query. This helpful system can be used all within Excel.
  • Power BI offers your company data insights, not data management.  Using Excel, new connectivity, and data refresh to on-premises sources, Power BI brings the power of insights to everyone in your organization.
  • Save time sorting through mounds of information and avoid delivering non-essential data to clients. Power BI’s capabilities allow customers to get answers to questions through automatically generated interactive charts and graphs based on available data.
  • Connected BI experience allows users to stay up-to-date with your reports and data while on-the-go. HTML5 support for browser based viewing on any device is also included.

Your Trusted Microsoft Partner 

As a Microsoft National Solutions Provider, SADA Systems is committed to helping your business soar to new heights in the cloud. Using Microsoft Power BI for Office 365, our team works directly with your stakeholders providing consultation, configuration, flexibility, and support for your enterprise. It is our mission to equip your team with the best resources to develop and deploy cost-effective, secure, digital solutions that will make your company the top competitor in your industry.

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