Secure, Compliant and Reliable Cloud Solutions for Healthcare

Microsoft Office 365 for Healthcare

Healthcare, like technology, is ever-expanding as it seeks to provide communities with a better and healthier quality of life. Transformation of complex operations into streamlined and secure processes is critical to the efficiency of your health care organization. Office 365 gives your business the ability to meet security and compliance requirements such as HIPAA, while implementing critical accessibility features.

Compliant and Competitive Healthcare Systems in the Cloud

Harness technology to run a business on-the-go by securely accessing email anywhere, anytime, and across multiple devices. Security, compliance, and reliability are important criteria when considering mobile or cloud services.  SADA’s Office 365 for Healthcare Compliance Package provides organizations the resources to use the cloud strategically and drives your business to be the leader in healthcare. Consulting services on HIPAA policies ensures your organization remains compliant– and mobile. Secure access on mobile devices with device wiping capabilities are not only possible but also a critical piece of HIPAA compliance.

The Office 365 for Healthcare Compliance Package includes:

  • Better guidance and configuration for your team resources via Office 365 Rights Management and Encryption Pilot. Security features include client side encryption and rights management. Sensitive company information is streamlined and secure.
  • Peace of mind and security for you and your patients. Office 365’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Pilot and Rule Transfer policies prevents Personally Identifiable Information (PII) being sent over email.
  • Knowledge management through construction of an organization-wide archiving policies powered by Office 365’s Archiving and Message Records Management (MRM) Modeling feature. This feature allows your business to easily draw from the past providing you with the functions you need to build a solid future.
  • Guidance for a smooth and secure roll out of Office 365.
  • Protection for sensitive data and prevention of sensitive patient information leaking beyond the secure walls of your organization.
  • Secure access to email across devices– anywhere and anytime.
  • Retention and archiving requirements are fulfilled via e-discovery policies.

Your Trusted Partner for Technology Solutions

SADA Systems expert consulting services help your business utilize Office 365 to take healthcare to the next level. Your healthcare providers will have the secure, reliable technology it needs to develop business strategies and ultimately provide better care for patients. Complex operations are transformed into secure, streamlined, cloud-driven processes using the SADA Systems Compliance Package. Our consultative services gives you the resources to take healthcare to the cloud and create a safe, reliable, and HIPAA compliant work environment.

Is Office 365 Right for You?

Download the eBook to find out:

Meet Compliance Regulations

Keep sensitive information secure and compliant with client side encryption and data loss prevention.

Improve Collaboration Securely

Access emails and documents on-the-go from any device while protecting sensitive data and patient information.

Simplify and Reduce Costs

Streamline complex operations to reduce capital expenditures.

Retain and Archive

Simplified retention and archiving policies make it easier to find the information you need.

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