Reliable and Secure Government Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 for Government

Office 365 for Government provides U.S. government organizations with the technology needed to sustain and evolve in this rapidly changing, technologically driven world.

Office 365 for Government offers your agency the modern tools and resources to aid in better collaboration and further the mission of serving and protecting our country. This secure, cost-effective solution increases productivity and allows your employees the freedom to spend less time focusing on operations and more time concentrating on helping others.

Collaborate in the Cloud

Whether your agency is at the federal, state, or local level, Office 365 for Government provides your organization with the resources it needs for better collaboration and increased productivity. This user-friendly cloud solution enables your personnel to view and access critical data on-premises or out in the field and allows them to communicate and share crucial information in real time.

Office 365 for Government gives federal agencies the technology to create better operational and emergency response strategies. Data can be created, published, and stored by authorized personnel and accessed anytime and on any device. Office 365 for Government allows for better productivity and response time whether your staff is working on-site or out responding to a local or global emergency.

Protect, Detect, Respond

Security is of the utmost importance especially when choosing the right cloud solution for your agency. Office 365 for Government provides your organization the peace of mind that your important information is stored and shared securely in the cloud. Office 365 for Government is built with safety features that will protect your information, detect unauthorized users, and respond to any entity that would attempt to misuse or harm your data.

Backed by FedRamp approval, Office 365 for Government offers your personnel the assurance that they can strategize and mobilize without worrying about the security of their data. Federal, state, and local information is safeguarded with the same kind of reliability and fortitude your team provides to our nation on a daily basis.

Compliant, Cost Effective, and Capable

Office 365 for Government is a cost-effective cloud solution capable of handling your document storage needs. This Office suite not only meets your needs for easier collaboration, it makes the best use of your resources as it can also be customized to fit your budget.

Along with offering first-class security and collaboration features, Office 365 for Government is also FISMA compliant. U.S. Government Organizations can utilize this cloud solution with the confidence that the technology they use to serve and protect our communities is compliant, secure, and reliable.

SADA Systems: The Right Solution for Your Government Agency

SADA Systems is proud to serve our federal, state, and local U.S. Government agencies. Our consulting services will help your organization use Office 365 for Government to create better strategies to enable your staff to become more productive and serve our country even more effectively. We will provide your agency with the tools and guidance to keep up with the demands of this digitally driven world and do our part to help you continue to improve and safeguard our nation.

Is Office 365 Right for You?

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Accessible from Anywhere

Users can access the applications they know, optimized for their devices, allowing them to work their best from any location.

Simple Collaboration

Begin a call or video chat with just a click allowing your team to work together from any location.

Flexible Environment

Move to the cloud on your terms with with highly configurable administration that is easy to use and accessible from any location.

Continuous Compliance

Own and control your data with built-in-security features, extensive privacy controls, proactive compliance processes and transparent operations.

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