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Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise

Keeping up in today’s business world requires companies to communicate and execute solid business strategies using both traditional and digital methods.  Microsoft’s Office 365 for Enterprise cloud solution enables organizations to blend traditional and modern processes needed to thrive and soar to the top of their industries.

Fast, reliable, secure, and cost-effective, Office 365 for Enterprise gives your company the resources to do business anytime, anywhere, and from any device.  Productivity is increased, team collaboration is more effective, and your organization will be a step ahead of the competition.

An Innovative Business Solution for the Modern Enterprise

Office 365 for Enterprise affords businesses the opportunity to collaborate and strategize on-site or on-the-go.  With cross-device capabilities, your team can share files, access email, and conduct online meetings in a secure environment.  No matter the time or place, your business will run smoothly and your team will work together with even greater speed and efficiency.

This secure, reliable office suite offers a variety of features to increase team performance, maintain and cultivate new partnerships, and drive sales productivity.  Office 365 for Enterprise offers data insight tools, social media applications, security controls, and data storage large enough to hold all the information that is crucial to running your business and driving it to the forefront of your industry.

Office 365 for Enterprise enables your organization to take your business into the cloud using enterprise-grade services built for business.  This cloud solution empowers your company to work smarter, strategize skillfully, and create a foundation for success that will serve your organization well now and in the future.

Office 365: Customizable, Cost-Effective, Compliant

In addition to the many innovative and reliable features Office 365 for Enterprise offers your business, this cloud solution is also cost-effective and customizable to fit the needs of your organization.  Enterprise plans are tailored with the goal of reducing IT costs and providing pricing that will stay within your company’s budget.

Office 365 for Enterprise also provides solutions for your business that are competitive and compliant.  This office suite meets global compliance standards, such as HIPAA, FISMA, and ISO 27001, and keeps in step with industry-leading best practices in data center design and data loss prevention.  Security, integrity, and compliance are necessary components of a successful business; this cloud solution will help your organization stay above the line while making a positive impact in your industry and business community.

SADA Systems’ IT Services 

As a premier and award-winning partner of Microsoft, SADA Systems offers your business quality expertise and support that will launch your business to greater heights.  Our consultation services will provide your organization with innovative technology and top-notch training to help your team use that technology to its full advantage.  We offer expert consultation and ready to provide your business the support it needs to run smoothly and effectively, with collaborative tools for your thriving workforce.

SADA Systems cares about the success of your business.  We look forward to partnering with you and using our expertise and resources to help your organization become the leader in your industry.

Is Office 365 Right for You?

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Enterprise Office Anytime, Anywhere

Get the familiar Office experience across most devices, empowering your employees to get work done from anywhere with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Teamwork Internally & Externally

Share files inside and outside your company. Collaborate, organize, and share them with teammates, business partners, or with customers. Your files are always up to date with the latest version.

Compliant & Secure in the Office, On-the-Go

Access to documents in and out of the office with advanced data protection, keeping data protected and your enterprise compliant.

Advanced IT Controls & Rights Management

Give your IT flexibility and control while reducing IT costs. Admin portal provides IT detailed configuration options for services, either from an online portal or through automated management.

Microsoft Azure

Build, host and scale in Microsoft's cutting-edge cloud with SADA Systems, an award-winning Microsoft Partner with global expertise in developing custom applications.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

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Sharepoint Online

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