Thousands of Possibilities, One Sign-On

Identity-as-a-Service / Azure AD Premium

Allow your users to easily access thousands of applications remotely, increasing productivity on the go while protecting sensitive data and applications. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) unifies user identities with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Premium to create “Identity-as-a-Service,” a key component of EMS that allows users to access applications wherever they are located.

Centrally manage identities across your datacenters and the cloud, and empower your users with self service tools such as password reset and more to become more autonomous while remaining productive. AAD Premium allows an easy Single Sign-On experience to thousands of cloud services such as Office 365, GoToMeeting, DocuSign, Concur and more — on nearly every device and browser.

SADA Systems understands the importance of the convenience of one unified identity across platforms and IT environments. Either from an on-premises environment, the cloud, or a combination of both, SADA works directly with your organization to identify and consolidate your separate systems into a single unified identity, to get employees up and running and more productive, faster.

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One You, One Sign-on

AAD Premium enables single sign-on to simplify user access to thousands of devices and cloud applications from Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Self-Service Means User Empowerment

Launch applications, reset passwords, manage groups, enable multi-factor authorization from a personalized, web-based access panel or mobile app using your own company credentials.

Go Beyond SaaS Easily and Securely

With the Application Proxy module, go beyond SaaS and publish on-premises web applications to provide secure remote access and single sign-on.

Monitor and Protect Access to Cloud Applications

AAD Premium offers secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) for SaaS applications and Office 365, as well as enhanced security logging to track inconsistent access patterns, and generate reports on irregular activities.

Office 365

Enhance your business capabilities with Microsoft Office 365. SADA Systems is an award-winning Microsoft National Solutions Provider (NSP) with Gold Competencies.

Microsoft Azure

Build, host and scale in Microsoft's cutting-edge cloud with SADA Systems, an award-winning Microsoft Partner with global expertise in developing custom applications.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

Empower enterprise mobility, flexibility and security with Microsoft’s comprehensive and cost effective cloud solution.

Sharepoint Online

Share ideas. Build Custom sites. Stay organized, discover insights and create multiple collaborative solutions with SharePoint Online.