Empowering Identity, Mobile Management and Information Protection with the Cloud

Enterprise Mobility Suite

The rapid growth of enterprise apps and complexity to protect company data has changed the way companies implement easy-to-use identity and devices solutions. Designed for employees to remain flexible and productive, Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) ensures that corporate data is secure. Aligning with Microsoft’s vision of IT that focuses on the person and not just the device, EMS is a comprehensive suite from Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune and Azure Rights Management.

Azure Active Directory Premium provides single sign-on to thousands of cloud (SaaS) apps and access to web apps you run on-premises.

Infographic: EMS Architecture

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Whitepaper: How to Use EMS

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Built for ease of use, Azure Active Directory Premium features:

  • Self-service password reset to reduce help desk calls
  • Multi-factor authentication options for greater security
  • Group-based provisioning and single sign-on for thousands of SaaS apps

Microsoft Intune

Intune provides mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities from the cloud. Using Intune, organizations can provide their employees with access to corporate applications, data, and resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device, while helping to keep corporate information secure. Built to secure apps and devices, Microsoft Intune features:

  • Mobile application management across devices
  • Broad device support for iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone devices
  • Selective wipe of apps and data for greater security

Azure Rights Management

Azure is designed to encrypt and safely share nearly any type of file to any PC, phone, or tablet running iOS, Mac OS X, Android or Windows. Making it easy easy to share protected files inside or outside your organization. Azure Rights Management features:

  • Information protection from the cloud or in a hybrid model with your existing on-premises infrastructure
  • Integration into your native applications with an easy-to-use SDK

SADA Systems Bridges the Gap between Identity, Mobility and Security

As a Microsoft National Solutions Provider with Gold Competencies, SADA Systems understands the importance of keeping your employees productive on their favorite apps and your company data protected. SADA Systems offers EMS along with a complete managed services model, to allow end users the experience they want while providing the controls needed by key IT management, compliance officers and security personnel. SADA provides the balance between access and control–delivering the single-sign on and password reset to users, while keeping the IT department in control of corporate data.

Further, SADA Systems can seamlessly integrate EMS into your organization’s “One Microsoft” solution, adapting to all your business needs, providing configuration, guidance and support to help your enterprise deploy products and services needed to secure and simplify your workforce experience.

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1000s of Apps, One Identity

Give users single sign-on and self-service password management for any corporate resource and manage identities across on-premises and cloud.

Manage iOS, Android, Windows—from One Place

Manage and protect corporate apps and data on almost any device with Microsoft's mobile device management and mobile application management solution.

Keep work at work

Stay in control of your corporate data even when it’s shared with others, inside or outside of your organization.

Protect and Streamline Desktop and Mobile Access

Encrypt important files and data to ensure only the right people have access. Manage and track it all from the cloud.

Office 365

Enhance your business capabilities with Microsoft Office 365. SADA Systems is an award-winning Microsoft National Solutions Provider (NSP) with Gold Competencies.

Sharepoint Online

Share ideas. Build Custom sites. Stay organized, discover insights and create multiple collaborative solutions with SharePoint Online.

Microsoft Azure

Build, host and scale in Microsoft's cutting-edge cloud with SADA Systems, an award-winning Microsoft Partner with global expertise in developing custom applications.

Dynamics CRM Online

Access valuable insight to engage your customers and grow your business with Dynamics CRM Online, a robust customer relationship management solution.