Build, Host and Scale Applications

Enterprise Application Development for Azure

Microsoft Azure will help you grow and modernize your business. With it, you can build complete, on-demand environments for application development on Windows, Linux and other technology stacks. Azure’s innovative, user-friendly cloud platform also allows organizations to build, host, and scale applications in Microsoft’s cutting-edge managed data centers.

Build applications using any language, tool, or framework and Azure’s scalable infrastructure will allow you to integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment. Before going live with new technology, Microsoft Azure allows you to test applications in a production-like environment. Testing allows you to see how well your applications will work in real-world usage scenarios so you can provide the best solutions for your clients and customers right from the start.

Whether you’re running a local business or a large corporation, Microsoft’s Azure platform can be tailored to meet all your business needs with the security and reliability you’d expect from Microsoft. As an innovative cloud solution, it provides your business the resources to deliver value faster and with higher quality.

Microsoft Azure helps your business take full advantage of the cloud – on your terms – and provides the kind of flexibility, reliability, and security your organization needs to grow and thrive in the digital business world.

Best of all, Microsoft Azure is also a cost-effective solution as it is customizable to your budget. There are no up-front expenses, no long-term commitment, and you only pay for the resources you use.

Microsoft Azure Benefits Include:

  • Enterprise-class application platform
  • Highly available and scalable relational cloud databases
  • Distributed in-memory application cache system
  • Persistent and durable storage in the cloud
  • Standards-based service for identity and access control

SADA Systems Can Help You Build Apps in Microsoft Azure

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Cloud Partner and 2015 Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year, SADA Systems has extensive expertise in developing custom applications and cloud projects across the globe and have been recognized for our excellence and innovation in Microsoft cloud solutions.

We employ a staff who have been creating business solutions in Microsoft technologies for over a decade and a team of application developers proficient in today’s web technologies. Our expertise in custom application development projects provide unique opportunities for your business to better align itself with the cloud services model.

SADA’s expertise and Microsoft Azure’s open and flexible environment can help you create the perfect resources to grow your business. Our team of experts will help you take what you do best and make it even better.

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Do you know these 5 essential steps for evaluating cloud security?

Evaluating Cloud Security: Microsoft Azure and Security Landscape Optimization

Ensuring that your data is secure can be a challenging process. Download this eBook to learn 5 essential steps for evaluating your cloud security. Better understand the framework of your current environment and how to best apply security controls to mitigate risk.

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A Platform for Everyone

Scalable, on-demand infrastructure provides you faster and higher quality performance-based computing based on consumption.

Agility for Growth

Simplify and speed up the path from dev-test environments to production and spin up any number of virtual machines or cloud platform resources in minutes.

Quality End-to-End Production

Deliver higher quality releases by developing and testing in production-like environments to better understand real-world scenarios.

Save Time and Money

Everything in Azure is fully automated in order to spin up and tear down virtual environments on-demand at a lower cost in both the short-term and long-term.

Office 365

Enhance your business capabilities with Microsoft Office 365. SADA Systems is an award-winning Microsoft National Solutions Provider (NSP) with Gold Competencies.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

Empower enterprise mobility, flexibility and security with Microsoft’s comprehensive and cost effective cloud solution.

Sharepoint Online

Share ideas. Build Custom sites. Stay organized, discover insights and create multiple collaborative solutions with SharePoint Online.

Dynamics CRM

Access valuable insight to engage your customers and grow your business with Dynamics CRM Online, a robust customer relationship management solution.