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Microsoft Azure – Disaster Recovery

Is your company prepared to save critical data in the event of a disaster? The U.S. government estimates that one in four businesses won’t survive a network or server disaster, making an IT recovery plan crucial for any business owner. Conventional disaster recovery (DR) is expensive, time consuming and error prone. It typically includes off-site backup, often to tape that is shipped and stored offsite. Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery can modernize your approach to backup and disaster recovery.

Cloud servers, based on virtualization, take a different approach to disaster recovery. With virtualization, the entire server is encapsulated into a single software bundle or virtual server, copied and backed up to an offsite data center and spun up on a virtual host in a matter of minutes.

SADA Systems Delivers Scalable DR Solutions

SADA Infrastructure Services delivers top-tier Virtual Infrastructure services backed by a 99.99% uptime SLA, migrating and backing up any existing on-premise infrastructure to the cloud and beyond. From servers in any configuration, SADA has a customized solution.

SADA’s expertise with Microsoft’s Azure cloud and site recovery helps your organization simplify DR by providing comprehensive protection for VMware, Hyper-V and physical servers in a single, scalable solution, reducing cost and complexity.

SADA’s cloud infrastructure support capabilities enable you to access critical data in a full disaster recovery scenario with ease and secure any on-premises system – from a single desktop PC needing data backup to a virtual network with multiple servers requiring full fail-over protection.

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Simple, Automated Protection

With Azure, SADA delivers automatic replication policies that you set and control to protect your IT environment.

Replication and Recovery to Azure

SADA delivers one simple, automated, scalable disaster recovery solution with customized orchestrated recovery.

Continuous Health Monitoring

Monitor the state of all protected assets continuously and seamlessly.

Orchestrated Recovery

Advanced backup and same day recovery for one or more virtualized hosted repository servers.

Office 365

Enhance your business capabilities with Microsoft Office 365. SADA Systems is an award-winning Microsoft National Solutions Provider (NSP) with Gold Competencies.

Microsoft Azure

Build, host and scale in Microsoft's cutting-edge cloud with SADA Systems, an award-winning Microsoft Partner with global expertise in developing custom applications.

CloudServ Managed Services

Improve workflows with SADA Systems’ CloudServ managed services, ensuring smooth, comprehensive, predictable performance of your Office 365 environment.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

Empower enterprise mobility, flexibility and security with Microsoft’s comprehensive and cost effective cloud solution.