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An Interactive Mapping Application to Manage Projects


dotMaps is a powerful project coordination tool to better manage the public Right of Way. The dotMaps application reduces the risk of project conflicts, saving organizations both time and costs associated with duplicative and conflicting efforts. Conflicts are generated in real-time, leading to faster resolution.

Built using Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform, dotMaps includes a simple, intuitive map editing and creation tool. The result is a high performance, easy-to-use application that effectively streamlines workflows for better project scheduling and resource management.

dotMaps is designed to support organizations whose operational success depend upon effective communication and accurate geolocation for ongoing projects, such as: Departments of Transportation (DOTs), Public Works, State and Government agencies, utility and gas companies and commercial organizations.

Watch a dotMaps Demo:

Features of dotMaps:

  • Built using Google Maps APIs and Google Cloud Platform
  • Intuitive project editing and creation tool – notications and alerts to stakeholders
  • Visualization of all projects on maps, identifying conicts and opportunities
  • Admin view of recently modified projects; admins can approve changes
  • Manage multiple projects within a single location
  • Seamless sync with multiple data formats, including designs, transmittal forms, PDFs, MOUs, and more
  • Project updates in real-time; users get email alerts with any changes


  • Reduced risk of overlapping projects and duplicated efforts, saving organizations time and money
  • Reliable backup with 99.9% uptime guarantee and powered by the same infrastructure as
  • Consolidated data for a centralized hub of information that increases productivity with quick accessibility
  • Improved inter and intra-agency collaboration with real-time communication and sharing of project information
  • Increase citizen satisfaction with faster projection completion and disaster recovery, from road repairs to new construction

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Reduce risks of overlapping projects

Eliminate duplicated efforts and missed timelines, saving organizations time and money

Reliable backup with 99.9% uptime guarantee

Peace of mind with reliability powered by the same infrastructure as

Consolidated data

Anytime, anywhere access to a centralized hub of information that increases productivity with quick accessibility

Improved inter- and intra-agency collaboration

Real-time communication and easy sharing of project information

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