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Google Search Appliance

When looking for answers about everything from buying cars to renting spaces, our initial “go-to” method is to perform a quick online search. This same process is also used when searching internally for information related to your company. However, searching for information can be a grueling, time-consuming task that slows down business operations. The Google Search Appliance (GSA) brings your employees the results they need when they need them so that your business can continue to run smoothly and efficiently without losing valuable time.

Google Search Appliance is a convenient, cost-effective, universal search tool created for your users to easily access information on-site or on-the-go. Unified results and search functionality help your business easily wade through information so you can spend more time focusing on management and client needs. The GSA enables you to do business faster and more efficiently, now and in the future.

What is a Google Search Appliance?

Google Search Appliance is part of SADA’s Google Enterprise service offerings. As a premier partner with Google Cloud, SADA uses the GSA to give your organization the ability to search through all your enterprise content with a single search box. This dynamic application drives business performance by giving your users one set of integrated search results. Whether your users are on-premise, at home, or traveling around the world, the unique search quality and relevance of Google Enterprise Search will give them the information they need to do business regardless of time and location. Google Search Appliance pulls content from a multitude of sources including: file shares, intranets, content management systems, enterprise applications, the web, and more, indexing over 220 file types. This supreme technology gives your business the resources to perform at top speed maximizing your ROI.


When using the Google Search Appliance, your company experiences the powerful search quality of that easily brings the information you need from within your organization right to your fingertips. GSA’s robust search functionality performs universal search, including social media content and cloud applications. Another great feature of the Google Search Appliance is the ability to conduct a people search to look up employees with expertise related to your queries. This dynamic device includes features such as document indexing, wildcard search and entity extraction.

Google Search Appliance allows you to make faster business decisions by getting you the information you need to run your organization faster and more efficiently, drawing results from the most relevant source. Use this tool to ensure that your data is quickly accessible and comes from the right places so that your users can find exactly what they need.

SADA Systems, a Premier Google Enterprise Partner, will transform your organization and provide you with search solutions to maximize your ROI, allowing you to realize immediate benefits.

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Accelerate Workflows

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Comprehensive, Integrated Search Results

Provide your organization with the most detailed results - no matter the location or device - empowering your employees and increasing productivity.

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