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Retain and Share Critical Business Data

Google File Server Migration to Google Drive

In today’s world, running a business requires efficient management on-site and online. SADA Systems provides your organization with the tools to take your business to the digital realm by offering easy Google Drive migration services so you can access and share all your files and folders any time and on any device.

Knowing the challenges companies face when attempting to properly use technology to run a business, SADA provides a way to consolidate business data files into a single, universal cloud-based storage system while reducing the cost of on-premise storage.  SADA’s Google Drive migration solution alleviates the need to manage multiple cloud and on-premise file storage and collaboration systems that present today’s information workers with accessibility challenges.  IT departments are no longer burdened with high costs and unnecessary maintenance and can rest assured that this file server, built on Google Drive, can handle the migration and storage needs of the company.

Google Drive migration offers a solution for organizations to retain and share critical business data that covers all file types including: documents, videos, photos, and more.  Organizations with remote offices (or users that are frequently on-the-go) can take advantage of Google Drive’s centralized cloud repository and gain access to a shared body of knowledge  anywhere, anytime, and from any device.  Migrating to a virtual file server gives users the ability to open, access, and read files without the need to install and run the files’ proprietary software. This cuts down on the need to purchase and install expensive licenses for users who simply require “view-only” access to a file.


  • Migration to a virtual file server where all types of files can be uploaded to the cloud.
  • Maintain domain access permissions and settings.
  • Access up-to-date versions of your files anywhere with Google Drive.
  • Multi-device access to data (PC, MAC, IOS, Android, RIM, and Windows devices).
  • Powerful, secure, and reliable technology to keep your business running smoothly.

Implementation Process:

  1. Analyze Customer Needs – SADA ensures the client’s environment meets system requirements and works closely with the client to understand the exact business drivers and project objectives. Required information is gathered (such as total data size and permission levels) regarding the file server, as well as timeline and other considerations.
  2. Customer Environment Configuration – SADA works with the client to configure G Suite Drive and prepare for the migration of data from the File Server.  An expert SADA deployment engineer will lead the technical installation and deployment of the tool(s).
  3. Data Migration and Deployment – SADA deployment engineer will begin, monitor, and support the migration of data from the File Server to Google Drive. SADA’s Project Manager will guide the project following best practices, and collaborate closely with the client to ensure user expectations and timing are set up for success.  Trainers are also available to drive end user adoption of cloud storage – including accessing migrated data, and storing new data.


SADA’s expert Google Drive migration services assure a seamless and timely migration of data from traditional file servers to Google Drive.  We deploy a lightweight and powerful enterprise grade migration tool to fit your environment that will help your business move forward and thrive in the digital world.

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Simple Consolidation

Easily consolidate important business data files into a single, universal cloud-based storage system for optimum security and reliability.

Reduced Costs

Alleviate high costs and unnecessary IT maintenance by eliminating the need to manage multiple cloud and on-premise storage systems.

Instant Access

Users can open,access and read files, from multiple devices, without needing to purchase expensive licenses or install complex software.

Centralized Repository

Your team can easily access a shared repository of knowledge from anywhere, at anytime, and on any device.

Apps For Work

Professional email, online storage, shared calendars and documents, video meetings and more. Built for business, designed for teams.

Search for Work

Search through all your enterprise content and put your data back to work by quickly delivering powerful, relevant results to customers and employees.


Deliver location-relevant information to your users anytime, anywhere. Visualize data geospatially or create engaging, geo-contextual applications.

Google Platform

Build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure. Computing, storage and application services for your web, mobile and backend solutions.

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