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Two-Factor Authentication for SADA Cloud SSO

An extra layer of security for your Single Sign-On solution.

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Google Apps Single Sign-On Solution: SADA’s Google Apps Solutions

For organizations who want the convenience of an Single Sign-On solution, but have reservations about potential security breaches that could come with its implementation, Two-Factor Authentication for SADA Cloud SSO provides an additional layer of security for SSO services for Google Apps. With SADA Cloud SSO, users can log into their respective Google Apps account with the same credentials in the organization’s LDAP or Active Directory.

Built on Google App Engine, SADA Cloud SSO is 100% cloud-based and gives users a seamless experience signing into Google Apps. For organizations with strict security requirements, such as government agencies, Two-Factor Authentication reduces the risk of compromised accounts or security breaches, without sacrificing the benefits of SADA’s cloud-based SSO solution. Two-Factor Authentication operates alongside device passwords, analysis of user behavior and awareness of physical security to provide users a secure environment. This tool assists in the development of a mobile strategy for large organizations, such as government agencies who can have many agents in the field, or organizations sending sensitive content over email.


  • Provides an additional layer of security to the convenience of cloud-based SSO
  • Creates a more secure environment for organizations with mobile employees to access their accounts
  • Promotes the development of a mobile strategy for organizations with high-security requirements, giving users more flexibility to work in the field

Tool Features

  • Requires users both know their password and have a mobile device registered to their email account in order to access their email
  • One-time passwords are generated every 30 seconds that must be entered for user to log in
  • Generates QR code for easy install on mobile devices
  • No internet connectivity required for codes to be generated on mobile devices, reducing the chances of an accidental lock-out of the user’s account
  • Admins can reset 2-step verification to allow users into their account in the case they are unable to use their mobile device

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