Professional Development Training of a Lifetime

training-in-greece-1Who loves attending training sessions? It’s not exactly what makes you jump for joy as most training sessions mean hours of PowerPoint presentations stuck in a room, longing for a break. But then you see an invite for training in Greece! I feel truly blessed to be one of the employees at SADA Systems who was given this amazing opportunity to travel to Greece for training!

Let me take you all on this adventure with me! You would think that after 16 hours of travel, it would be difficult to be excited for anything, but the contagious phrase “Yassou” rang through the small airport which made it difficult to not repeat back. The spirit of everyone around me, Greek or not, made my mood switch to excited quickly. We were in one of the most beautiful places in Europe, and I realized how fortunate I was to represent SADA Systems and attend this training conference where I would learn from one of our best partners (Microsoft) on their new cloud solutions and products!

training-in-greece-2A month before we flew out, I remember it was an ordinary blissful day at SADA. My normal routine was in affect; I got to work, made my espresso, got on a call and started my day. As I got up to go to the breakroom for lunch, I was stopped with the great news! SADA Systems has been invited to send its employees to take part in the Microsoft Partner Enchantment Training in Greece. Why you might ask? As a premier Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, SADA had some of the highest active usage for its Fastrack customers. This reaffirmed what we are all trying to do here at SADA; master our destiny. We use tools and resources to position ourselves to drive and make our customers more successful. After the initial shock of the news wore off, I realized that I was being given the opportunity to go, along with my colleague, Alvin!

Don’t get me wrong, working for a company that receives numerous awards and accolades across the board every year has it perks; work closely with top partner reps, training at different conferences, mastering the technologies, and now, traveling to Greece. The news of this trip, however, single handedly redefined our Professional Development Reimbursement program. As we all know, SADA has a great PDR program in place so we can all develop our knowledge, skills, and abilities outside of our day-to-day responsibilities. This training opportunity did just that! It gave Alvin and I the chance to collaborate and learn from some of our best partners in the world.

training-in-greece-3The week in Greece kicked off a little different from any other training opportunity I’ve experience. It was a 5 day event with different seminars, interviews, and workshops. Each day included an incredible Greek feast, along with training where we were given insights from some of the top technical and business directors. I really didn’t know what to expect from the business side, but I was happy to discover that Microsoft really wanted everyone to understand their plan moving into the new 2019 fiscal year. The learning didn’t stop there! What I loved about this event was Microsoft brought together all the other top partners from the around the world to share their own successes and challenges when it came to their technologies. This brought another level of collaboration to the mix, as we really got a sense as to how to approach our customers in the best way possible. Was this a pun in-and-of-itself? Asking everyone to collaborate regarding a platform created to promote the very word “collaboration”? Perhaps… but it certainly worked! As we shared and discussed, we got some incredible insights and created a solid network of people to move SADA Systems ahead into FY19.

training-in-greece-4Obviously, it wasn’t all business. Aside from our tight training schedule, our host made sure we had enough time to soak up the beautiful island of Crete. Our resort was incredible, the food was delicious, the locals intriguing, and all mixed together made for an amazing trip. Just stepping out during our breaks felt like mini-vacations! And did I mention every room had its own pool?

We had such a great learning experience with everyone involved. All we heard from our partner contacts was how important SADA Systems is to their partner community. I must admit it was pretty cool having our name highlighted on every slide when it came to top partners in each category. We are looking forward to continuing that level of effort when it comes to our customers.

Can’t wait to see what Microsoft’s FY19 brings, and hopefully that means more training sessions like this one.  Anito Greece – Till’ next time!

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