Tasks You Can Automate at Work

Automating Tasks Helps Streamline Processes and Free Up Staff

Is your team burnt out from spending time on redundant tasks? It might be time to find a way to lighten their load so they can focus on things that help achieve overall organizational success. Using automation tools help streamline work processes, freeing up time for employees to focus on pursuits that bots can not handle. Below are some ideas of tasks that you could be automating with a platform like Workplace:

  • Scheduling Meetings: We know it can be extremely difficult finding times that accommodate multiple calendars. By automating scheduling, you can stay ahead of time slots being booked up too quickly, and even meeting rooms for that matter! Reminders can also be set up to ensure everyone is in attendance.
  • Data Back-up: Your data is a prized asset, but manually backing it up can take hours. Instead, you can automatically back-up your data in the cloud to ensure you’ll always have access to up-to-date files, even if something goes wrong in-house. With Workplace, you get the tools you need in the cloud, along with integrations for file-sharing platforms, such as OneDrive, to automate data back-up.
  • Internal IT Support: Here at SADA, we have a SupportBot that handles internal IT support inquiries. Before SADA integrated SupportBot with Workplace, employees could submit a service desk ticket through our ticketing platform, or they could send an email directly to our service desk. To automate these methods, we created SupportBot. Employees can @mention the bot to to create a support ticket. Our ticketing system automatically generates a ticket when the @mention post is received. The service ticket number is relayed back to the Workplace post in the comments section. This allows SADA to weave its current workflows with the tools used daily, all within Workplace, whether via desktop or mobile.
    SupportBot Workplace

As a Workplace by Facebook Partner, SADA Systems is here is help you assess what tasks you could automate with Workplace. SADA is currently offering Facebook funded Value Envisioning Workshops, but the funding will not last long! Speak to an expert today to learn more!