SADA Systems Recognized as Top Tech Work Culture at 2018 Los Angeles Timmy Awards

Most Progressive Companies in Technology Revealed and Awarded at Live Ceremony

timmy-awards-logoLos Angeles (October 22, 2018) – At the Los Angeles Timmy Awards at CTRL Collective Playa Vista last week, SADA Systems received recognition in the Best Tech Work Culture category amid high energy, tech demos, prizes and celebration. SADA Systems was named the runner up for Best Tech Work Culture at the local Timmy Awards ceremony, which recognizes the most progressive places for tech professionals to work every year, front of approximately 300 tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, startups and thought leaders. The elite list of finalists included notable companies like Dollar Shave Club, PeerStreet, Hawke Media as well as winner PatientPop.

SADA Systems was selected as one of the best examples of the category’s criteria: a local company that actively promotes technical creativity, innovation, and learning. A company that instills these values acknowledging that great ideas can come from anywhere, and reward contributions from the whole tech team.

timmy-award-team-featured“The Best Tech Work Culture award highlights companies who foster an innovative work environment and encourage everyone from the team to contribute and grow.” said Mandy Walker, Director of Marketing at Tech in Motion and Motion Recruitment Partners. “We’re excited to showcase SADA Systems as a company who is setting a clear example as a leader in this category.”

At SADA Systems, we have made it one of our top priorities to enhance employee benefits, create new opportunities for career growth and development, stay committed to our core values, and foster a strong and engaging corporate culture in order to build a remarkable team.

“Our employees invest a lot in the work they do driving success for our customers and partners. We recognize that, and take a multi-faceted approach to reward them in an effort to ensure that all team members feel acknowledged and appreciated for the hard work they put in everyday.” stated Orkideh Shahidi, Director of Operations, SADA Systems.

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