Is Your CRM Artificially Intelligent?

Digital Transformation is changing virtually every aspect of our lives.  It has replaced the familiar yellow taxi with an app that dispatches a car whenever you need.  Soon the driver of that car will be replaced with a self-driving car. It has made customers more informed, and in many cases provided the convenience of buying whatever, whenever, and however the customer wants.  This has disrupted many industries, increasing competition, and making it more important for organizations to know who prospective customers are, how best to engage them, and when to reach out to close the sale or provide support.  Organizations that are successful are ones that have a Customer Relationship Management solution that provides insights and helps predict how / when to engage customers. Going forward, for organizations to be able to do this at scale, they need a platform that uses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to engage customers quickly and at scale.



Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement is designed to empower your sales and support staff with a comprehensive toolset of AI-based capabilities.  These tools allow you to reach your customers and provide them the information they want.  Finally, when they do raise their hands and reach out to you, having detailed information about the buyer journey that they already participated in is critical in providing continuity and closing new business.

Power Sales with Artificial Intelligence

Embedded intelligence is at the core of Dynamics 365.  Relationship Assistant is your virtual eye, keeping tabs on your customers.  By monitoring activities and interactions with your customers, the Relationship Assistant provides you with important insight about the overall health of the customer relationships and offers Action Cards that are designed to keep the conversation with the customer or prospect going.


recent-activity-email-engagementEmail Engagement allows you to more effectively communicate.  By following emails created in Dynamics 365 you get valuable insight on interactions that your customer is having with your emails.  You can know what activities were performed on the messages you send; when and how many times was the email opened, what links were clicked, replies to the message, and what attachments (and how many times) were opened.  All this information is displayed on the activity report for that email.  Finally, when creating and sending emails using Email Templates, all activities are aggregated to give you an overall score of the success rate of your email templates.  Dynamics 365 will inform you which of your email templates are successful and provide suggestions on which one may be most effective for your customer.


The third component of the ‘embedded intelligence’ features of Dynamics 365 is Auto Capture. Building on the deep integration of the Microsoft technology portfolio, Microsoft Exchange and Dynamics 365 provide an unmatched integration. Auto Capture allows Dynamics 365 to continuously monitor your Exchange mailbox and find all messages that may be related to your activities in Dynamics. These messages show up in Dynamics 365 as an action card. These messages are already identified with a recommended record to be tracked against.  Unlike other products, these messages are private in Dynamics 365 and only visible by the message owner until the action card tracking link is clicked. Dynamics 365 will auto capture emails against Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Leads, Contacts, and even Custom Entities.


Artificial Intelligence to Exceed Customer Expectations

The AI capabilities of Dynamics 365 extend beyond providing your sales team actionable insights to customers and prospects.  These capabilities also empower exceptional customer service interactions by leveraging the ML and AI features of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

If you have a customer service department it is very likely that you have a knowledge base.  Over time this collection of documents may become overwhelming for support agents to navigate.  Searching vast collections of articles can be daunting and time consuming.  Using the connection between Dynamics 365 and the Azure Text Analytics Service, your agents can get harness the power of machine learning to provide knowledge article suggestions based on analysis of the support case.  Text Analytics searches to identify similar cases to the one that they are currently working on.  This allows the agent to leverage the resolution of previous cases.  Finally, Text Analytics provides relevant document search across the entire organization.  This helps agents find previously unknown content that is stored in Office 365.  Providing AI to your support agents assists in delivering an exceptional experience when your customer raises a hand for support.  To truly exceed customer expectations, you need to deliver this even earlier.  This is where the Chat Bots (Bots) enter.  Simplify the search for knowledge articles by leveraging a conversational bot.  The QnA Maker allows you to develop a Bot from a FAQ or knowledge base in minutes.  Adding a chat bot to your website or social media platforms reduces the inbound calls to your contact center and empowers customers to get answers any time of the day.

SADA’s Tech Trends Survey showed that 40% of business feel that AI/ML will have the biggest impact on business with 70% indicating it is needed to increase efficiency and productivity, and 62% saying it provides competitive differentiation.  Few companies have the depth and breadth of expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as Microsoft, and fewer still have deep integration of these technologies with their Customer Relationship Management solutions.  Dynamics 365 is using Machine Learning and Artificial to democratize intelligence and empower sales and customer service agents, which are critical factors to the success of your organization in today’s extremely complex environment.  Interested in Dynamics 365 and its AI capabilities, contact us to learn more.

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Mike Valentine
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Mike Valentine | Dynamics 365 Sr. Solutions Architect | SADA Systems

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