Tune In! Bringing Intelligent Communications to Life: Planning Your Microsoft Teams Journey – SADA’s 3-Part Live Webinar Series


On August 23rd, SADA Systems, the 2018 Microsoft Intelligent Communications Partner of the Year, is kicking off a 3-part webinar series exploring the Microsoft Teams adoption journey. Join us to learn how to utilize and plan for the many transformative features and benefits of Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork in Office 365 that integrates people, content, and the tools your organization needs to be more engaged and effective. Whether you attend one session or all three, register today to reserve your spot for the entire series.

Each session will delve into a specific capability set of Teams and explore best practices for assessment, preparation, implementation and support. In addition, each session will provide you with the latest news and hot topics regarding upcoming Teams features and any updates on hardware or software.

The first session will cover Collaboration and Communication, the second session will cover Voice, Video and Meetings, and the third session will cover Customization, Integration and Support. Each session will wrap up with an opportunity for Q&A.

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