Boost Sales with Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI

SADA-MicrosoftDynamics365AIWillHelpBoostSales_300x300-01When Microsoft introduced Dynamics 365 two years ago, the company wanted to create a better customer relationship management (CRM) platform that could also help enterprises plan resources accordingly.

The Dynamics 365 platform has come a long way since then. The company recently added artificial intelligence (AI) features into the CRM; these features focus specifically on augmenting the capabilities of sales, customer service, and marketing teams.

Become AI-First With Dynamics 365

Alysa Taylor, Vice President of Business Applications and Industry at Microsoft, recently published a blog post about the company’s new Dynamics 365 AI features. According to the article, Microsoft expects the addition of AI to give employees insights that are “[infused] with advanced intelligence to guide decisions and empower organizations to take informed actions.”

Dynamics 365 AI will also connect seamlessly with Microsoft Power BI, Azure, and the Common Data Service to consolidate information from every aspect of your business. Salespeople no longer need to interface with another team to get insights on the customer and their engagement.

As a result, less time is spent analyzing or compiling information from various disparate sources; the Dynamics 365 dashboard showcases everything your employees need to know before their next client call.

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, is excited about sharing the unique benefits of AI enterprises globally. He says, “The thing that’s most exciting to me … is that [Microsoft] can make every company out there an AI-first company. They already have customers, they already have data. If you can democratize the use of AI tools, every company can harness the power of AI.”

Dynamics 365 is adding three new modules for sales, customer service, and marketing.

A Substantial Upgrade for Sales Teams

For sales teams, Dynamics 365 brings intelligent and concise data from LinkedIn and ongoing communications. Using LinkedIn’s API, Microsoft shows mutual 1st-degree connections that can help sales teams get their foot in the door.

This integration especially helps employees stay productive and on-track by removing the need to switch between windows. Studies show that employee productivity decreases by 40% whenever he or she switches tasks. Dynamics 365 AI for Sales can improve productivity through a 15-20% reduction in administrative time. Overall, this results in getting back an average of 53 minutes per day per salesperson. That’s a major boost in productivity and time management.

Further reducing employee task switching is the new dashboard geared toward sales teams. In one section, it displays a lead score determined by the contact’s budget, decision-making power, lead source, industry, and more. Another major addition is the “relationship health” calculation from communication frequency, client satisfaction thus far, and other pertinent factors.

The Sales dashboard also gives an overview of where the client or lead is in the overall sales pipeline. Communication data includes who initiated what interactions, time spent communicating with the lead, response rate and response time, email engagement metrics, and much more. These scores and metrics help salespeople prioritize clients and manage their time more efficiently. Sales performance figures are already calculated, eliminating the need to open up Excel to calculate monthly performance figures.

Customer Service and Marketing Are Getting a Major Boost Too

For customer service teams, the AI additions to Dynamics 365 include automated insights similar to the Sales dashboard. However, the addition of virtual agents is a major new feature unique to customer service. Microsoft promises these chatbots don’t require in-house AI expertise or any form of coding to set up. They will require training, however. According to the company, call center managers can easily train the chatbots to respond appropriately.

Microsoft is also offering several forms of virtual assistants: some are chatbots that speak on the behalf of humans, checking previous phone transcripts, emails, and other communication portals. On the other hand, some are assistive in nature, helping customer support representatives by giving suggested answers during live conversations.

For your company’s marketing team, Dynamics 365 AI is bringing market trends, anticipating customer needs, increasing conversation relevancy, and improving relationships with customers.

Streamlining the Use of AI Chatbots

Salesforce is possibly the only CRM that can compete the Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM. Both companies have been in close competition with each other. Salesforce even recently unveiled Quip Slides, a new presentation product to take on Microsoft’s Powerpoint.

But Microsoft is also pushing back on Salesforce; their new chatbots for customer service teams are aimed at taking over Salesforce customers who don’t like Salesforce’s LiveMessage chatbot features. Taylor specifically called out Salesforce, saying, “Many vendors offer [virtual agents] in a way that is very cumbersome for organizations to adopt. It requires a large services engagement; Salesforce partners with IBM Watson to be able to deliver this.”

In contrast, Microsoft says, Dynamics 365 AI chatbots are easy to set-up and don’t require intensive development or programming.

Make Sales Dynamic with Dynamics 365 AI

Advanced Motion Controls (AMC) designs, manufactures and supplies high-performance servo drives and motor controllers for a broad array of industries. We recently helped AMC implement Dynamics 365 into their operations to support their national and global sales efforts.

After just a few months of using Dynamics 365, AMC has seen a positive change in sales engagement and customer services. The migration to Dynamics 365 has led to employees enjoying a sales solution that’s faster, more efficient, and available 24/7 enabling them to drive more pipeline. The company estimates that they have already experienced a 20% increase in efficiency.

Boost Sales with Microsoft Dynamics

Learn how SADA Systems, a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, can help you leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 to boost your sales team’s efforts and enable long-term growth.

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