Is Omnichannel Always the Best Choice?

A deeper look into the immersive approach that helps clients make and implement the right technology decisions.


Is an Omnichannel Approach Right for Your Organization?

Is an Omnichannel Approach Right for Your Organization?

Back in 2015, Deloitte identified omnichannel as the future of retail—a future in which customers demand never-before-seen levels of streamlined service, product, availability and delivery.¹ Within a year, that future came to pass and today omnichannel retail and marketing opportunities have become the Holy Grail to successful customer interactions.

A Harvard University study of 46,000 shoppers completed in 2016, and released early this year, indicated that 73% of shoppers were multiple channel consumers and, moreover, were more valuable to retailers overall. Omnichannel shoppers spent an average of 4% more in-store and 10% online during each purchase occasion than single-channel shoppers.²

Advising clients on the benefits of omnichannel—and not just in retail—is one of SADA’s core competencies, having implemented best-practice and data-driven enterprise-grade solutions for both the public sector and large commercial clients from Wash Multifamily Laundry Systems to the Los Angeles Unified School District, to fashion retailer St. John Knits, and thousands of others.  However, despite its value, omnichannel expansion isn’t always a forgone conclusion for every organization.

Gather Knowledge Before Finalizing Strategy

When it comes to implementing CRM, ERP and Business Collaboration Systems, there’s so much more that goes into the process than simply implementing a platform. At SADA we gather knowledge across our business practices so we can take an immersive approach to determining the best strategy for clients. Projects are not a one-switch technology—instead they are extremely fine-tuned using expert technologists with clients in a technology agnostic manner to get the project right before it starts, and so it can provide seamless business solutions now and in the future.

To do this, we’ve developed a methodology built around what is called “the Four D’s”—Discovery, Design, Delivery and Dedication. The Discovery phase begins with Envisioning Sessions where business users explore ways to make the customer experience richer and processes more efficient—such as adding omnichannel capabilities. During these very collaborative, full-day sessions, we drill into the business needs but also see the conversations that different stakeholders are having between themselves. This conversation informs a roadmap for adopting and leveraging technology within their organization to drive meaningful and measurable results.

Creating a Roadmap for the Future

Is Omnichannel Right For You

Envisioning and Discovery are Pertinent to Overall Success

Envisioning Sessions are where the details of a potential omnichannel expansion happen. This is where we determine whether a client is already offering a type of service or support that is not integrated into support platforms.

For example,  an organization using the consumer version of  Skype to offer customer support is missing an opportunity to capture that customer interaction or having it integrated with its CRM system. Similarly, many organizations already use social channels to engage customers but haven’t made them part of a closed loop of customer service. If there are people monitoring and providing support through social channels it makes sense to convert social messages into a support case in CRM and manage them through to resolution. But if you aren’t managing social accounts currently, that’s a tougher leap to make. Discovery helps determine what’s the next optimal step for the organization.

A Phased Approach for Success

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 helps unify systems and gain unique customer insights

During the Design and Development phases, SADA helps organizations translate the future state laid out in the Discovery phase into technology solutions that will help them realize the overall vision. Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 has been an important platform for building these solutions, especially when related to omnichannel expansion. The Dynamics platform supports: Social Care, Live Chat, and most recently, a bundled pre-built portal solution built off the Dynamics platform.

Once operational, we move on to the Dedication phase, focusing on helping organizations adopt, adapt, and refine their solutions, to maximize the benefit and return on their IT investment. This is also where we educate our clients on developments in the industry, such as Bots, Artificial Intelligence, and Visual Analytics, which can be used for improving self-serve experiences, providing richer customer intelligence, and helping organizations make better decisions. Overall, this customized approach ensures that there’s a strategic roadmap in place for ongoing business growth and continued success. 

Interested in how a consulting firm can help you develop a customized plan for implementing new technologies?  Connect with us today to explore how our solutions experts can help turn your vision into a reality.

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