Microsoft Announces Power BI Embedded

Microsoft hails data as the new electricity, and it’s treating it as such, designing new abilities for organizations to use it more efficiently to gain actionable insights and power business decisions.


Samples of Microsoft Power BI Data Visualizations

Select Samples of Power BI Data Visualizations


In July, Microsoft announced new enterprise-ready intelligent business apps like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft AppSource. Additionally, Microsoft is empowering deeper intelligence from data, with embedded intelligence and predictive analytics delivery through several tools:

Power BI Embedded GA

Microsoft Power BI Embedded is an Azure service allowing developers to embed fully interactive reports and visualizations in customer-facing apps without writing any code. It allows users to visualize large data sets directly from a wide variety of cloud sources like Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse using DirectQuery to ensure data is always up to date without having to move it to Power BI. Microsoft also announced it will be releasing SDKs for .NET and JavaScript to simplify development and providing versioned APIs to ensure users are building against stable APIs as new features are released.

Power BI publish to web GA

Power Bi publish to web, now generally available at no additional cost to existing Power BI Free and Pro users, allows users to embed interactive Power BI visualizations directly in blogs and websites. For some great inspiration on telling data-based narratives, check out the Power BI Data Stories Gallery. You can find examples ranging from how to perform Online Sentiment Analysis, Sales ReportsMarketing Analytics Reports, to the below exploration of DC vs. Marvel movies.


Microsoft Power BI Data Visualization of DC vs. Marvel Films

Power BI Data Visualization of DC vs. Marvel Films

Cortana Intelligence with Bing Predicts Program

Cortana Intelligence with Bing Predicts is an end-to-end consulting program that lets users augment their Cortana Intelligence Suite solutions for more accurate outcomes by leveraging Microsoft’s unique body of social, search and web data.

Microsoft Commitment to Data Visualization

Using both Azure Resource Manager APIs and Power BI APIs, users can automate deployment and scale. They can now programmatically provision Power BI workspaces, create datasets and reports, embed reports in their apps, and control refresh behavior and credentials. Additionally IT teams can control costs with pay-as-you-go, consumption-based pricing models with no hidden upfront costs or maintenance fees.

Advancements in tools like Power BI, Delve Analytics, and Cortana Intelligence designed to help organizations capture and leverage data like never before showcase Microsoft’s commitment to the democratization of data. Power BI and Delve Analytics are available in enterprise versions of Office 365.

Is Office 365 Just Office in the Cloud?

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