Shaping Brand Strategy with Social CRM: Tools, Tips and the Future

Dynamics CRM Online 16 for 2016SADA was privileged this past November to join a wide variety of digital experts as panelists for Media Leaders’ annual Digital Growth Summit. Panel sessions were spread across a variety of topics covering modern SEO strategies, social channel drilldown, digital PR, big data and more.

Participants on the Social CRM panel included Narine Galstian, SADA’s VP of Marketing, as well as participants from Microsoft and Amazon. Panelists discussed how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) shapes brand strategy with best practices and tips for leveraging modern tools in order to grow brand influence online with social CRM. Below is a recap of the key points that were discussed during the panel.


Social CRM vs. Traditional CRM  – What is the Difference?

With social CRM you are trying to make an engagement happen before the transaction even occurs. While traditional CRM talks about sales, social CRM is all about engaging with customers.

From a positioning standpoint, CRM is all about having an organizational eye on customer engagement. CRM allows you to stay connected to your customers and your brand, and be very proactive with your data.


sada-social-crm-dynamics-blogWho Manages Social CRM?

In most cases, Sales handles the function of a traditional CRM but PR handles the function of a social CRM. However, social CRM today is different because of modern tools available that allow collaboration between these teams and provide a 360-degree view of the customer.

For example, our team has seen how modern tools, such as the social features built into Dynamics CRM Online, allow a salesperson about to go into a client meeting to pull out his or her mobile device and instantly get a feel for the client’s social sentiment towards our products as well as the client’s posts related to certain keywords.


What are some Social CRM Best Practices?

There’re a lot of noise on social platforms so you need to qualify the noise and take action. The objection is often, “Where is the value? Won’t we just get a bunch of noise?” It’s vital to take advantage of tools that will allow you to uncover where the real value is at and take action on those insights.

Finding the right platform with built-in integrations is important to easing the transition and driving adoption. Marketing teams need to be involved with sales teams and be aligned on goals and strategies.

Social CRM Tools

The key to choosing the right tool is all about being able to integrate what you choose with what you use on a daily basis. That is the biggest mistake that we see all the time is that people hire a third company that then sends them the data via email and it just isn’t plugged in or connected with their CRM solutions so it has limited value. Your sales team isn’t getting the full pulse of the customer and we can’t use the data effectively. An integrated solution is a must.

Microsoft is investing most heavily into their social engagement tool within Dynamics CRM Online, which includes the added benefit of an immersive experience with the Office 365 products that employees use every day.


Making Better Decisions with Social CRM

Once you set up your CRM, you’ll have machine learning monitoring a ton of data – it’s going to be tough to find what you need if you’re sifting through that yourself. You want to be able to identify the things that you want to act upon and make sure that the machine can monitor these things for you.

When Should an Organization Start with Social CRM?

There is no “too early” when it comes to implementing this strategy. Brand recognition, loyalty, and integrity is not something that anyone should be ignoring, and you want to set the right foundation from the very beginning.

Social monitoring on the web can really help improve a business, and bad reviews or good reviews will make their way online no matter what size the company is.


Social CRM Tips

Social CRM data serves an integrated part of our overall marketing strategy. You can’t really separate the two now, they go hand-in-hand and are connected to what the objectives are from a sales perspective. You want to be able to really assess where you are at and where you want to go.

Be proactive with identifying social champions for your brand and start a conversation with them. You can win a customer by honestly answering the question that people have about your brand.


Responding to Negative Social Feedback

The idea behind social CRM is to try to engage with the people who are important to you. This is where the influencer score, calculated by whichever tool you are using, comes into play. It tells you how much influence the people who are saying things actually have. How many followers do they have? How much engagement do they get on their pages? Aggregating those scores will allow you to build an index, which can help shape your strategy. Remember, the more interaction that you have with the compliments, the further down the list the haters will go.


What’s the Future of Social CRMWhere do we see social CRM going in the next three years?

CRM will be increasingly plugged into social channels, and the added value of social insights will be visible from the start. With technology developments, more channels will be emerging as well. Conversations that used to come to you directly are going to social – if you are not listening then you are going to miss that, and it’s really going to affect your brand.

The future will hold predictive analytics with social insight. We are definitely going to see social insight being used outside of the norm. Organizations will be monitoring all of their products based on social feedback, which will shape what they choose to do in the future.


Click here for the full video and transcript from Media Leaders.


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