Reinventing CRM with Microsoft’s Release of Dynamics CRM 2016, Now Available

Dynamics CRM 2016 Features IntegrationsMicrosoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is all about delivering the next generation of intelligent customer engagement. In this iconic release, Microsoft is striving to drive home four major themes: Productivity, Intelligence, Mobility and Unified Service. The new release, available as of December 1st, aims to “deliver core capabilities all in a single system to eliminate distractions, to make it easier to get things done, and to dramatically increase productivity so our customers can spend more time serving their customers.”

What’s New?

Overall, Microsoft’s focus with its customer relationship management solution has shifted to enriching the customer experience – making it adaptive across all touch points and enabling the productivity and empowerment of people in their individual, day-to-day contexts.


To achieve this, Microsoft is intentionally creating proactive, outcome-based “journeys” for users with the following new features:

Marketing Automation

  • Multichannel campaign management: Email, digital, social, SMS (including the addition of opt-in text messaging), events and traditional upgrades
  • Email and survey generation, activity monitoring on campaigns: Analyze email views, opens, clicks and more on campaigns
  • Integrated: End-to-end planning, execution and analytics

Dynamics CRM 2016 PartnerSales

  • Updated CRM App for Outlook for increased mobility
  • Additional features for Excel, Cortana, and OneDrive for Business integration
  • Information Discovery from Office Delve
  • Document Generation

Customer Service

  • Interactive Service Hub: Single and multi-stream dashboard (previously this was just a static case management dashboard, now users can drill down into interactive reports)
  • Increased external access to Dynamics CRM with additional integrations
  • Enhanced Knowledge Centered Support Management: Core integration creates a single source of knowledge, making it easier to search articles within Dynamics CRM, access inline resources, and attach and post documents within Dynamics CRM

Social CRM

  • Improved Social Listening and Social Analytics: Monitor social posts, instantly view or analyze sentiment
  • Group Collaboration and Custom Roles
  • Social Center

Mobile CRM

  • Mobile Offline Support: Build Once, Deploy Anywhere with the full offline experience with Android, iOS, Windows devices
  • Modern mobile experience: Task-based workflows, additional mobile access – for example users can show relevant data from multiple records in a single screen for a given task
    • Modern UI Controls
    • Task Based Experiences
    • Form Preview, Web Resources and IFRAME
    • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Visibility and Control

  • Improved data encryption, better data performance, and new international datacenters in Canada and India
  • Bulk Data Loader for CRM Online: Essentially, data migration just got a LOT easier
  • Azure Machine Learning (ML) Integration for Text Analytics: Cross-sell product recommendations, suggested knowledge articles in Dynamics CRM, Sentiment analysis in Microsoft Social Engagement – for example, a negative review on Facebook or Twitter would automatically produce a low sentiment analysis score
  • Next Generation Search Experience: Multi-entity search with relevance rankings

Capabilities in CRM 2016 are seamlessly embedded into productivity tools, including Office 365. Contact SADA to learn more about CRMin90, SADA’s fast and cost-effective program to get you engaged with your customers and prospects.

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