Create Unique Insights and Grow with Dynamics CRM Online

Your CRM can be one of your organization’s most critical tools to monitor the vital signs of your business. While many vendors offer CRMs, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (CRMOL) enjoys the added credibility and familiarity of being a Microsoft product, closely associated with programs many business already use. Its simple integration with Outlook makes communication management a breeze. Email campaigns can be automated and Excel spreadsheets can be imported without losing formatting. You can learn what your customers really think using Microsoft Social Engagement, and share all your customer information with all of your people, through multiple channels. Dynamics CRM Online helps to improve the management and information access for your business, so you can focus on the most important part—your customers. In this post, we’ll share an overview of how your sales and marketing teams can gain insights from Dynamics CRMOL by monitoring opportunities, pipeline, and interactions while also automating campaigns to drive more leads.

Gain Insights

Track Activities and Interactions

Keep a well-maintained record of your team’s interactions with contacts, leads, and customers for deep insights into opportunities. Click Activities, then add calls, tasks or emails to record a centralized view of touches.  
Dynamics CRM Online Activity Tracking

Track tasks, activities, calls, emails and appointments in Dynamics

Customer records in Dynamics CRM Online

Review notes from interactions, send emails and set appointments right from Activities tab.

Track Opportunities on the Go

Dynamics CRMOL boasts a friendly mobile user interface and can be used across phones, and tablets like Microsoft Surface or iPad. Access Dynamics at your convenience, quickly reviewing open leads, pipeline, active accounts, open opportunities and more.  
Mobility in Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM Online Mobility

Monitor Performance on the Sales Dashboard

To help you stay on top of how you and your team are managing meeting your sales goals, the sales dashboard serves up key info for you, like the status of opportunities in the pipeline, how you’re tracking against your sales goals, and who’s working the most active deals.  
Dashboards in Dynamics CRM Online

Set up your Dashboard in Dynamics to quickly see performance at a glance

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Visual Snapshots

You can customize your homepage to display charts, graphs and maps with the data you need to see most. View a list of tasks and due dates, as well as the number of opportunities you’re working on, at a glance.    
Dynamics CRM Screenshot

Customize your homepage with charts and graphs to stay on top of goals

Oversee Marketing Efforts

Insights with Power BI and Excel

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing allows you to gain meaningful insights by using familiar Microsoft Excel tools with the help of Power Query. You can use the sample analytic worksheets as a starting point, then adapt them to monitor your own performance.  
Insights in Dynamics CRM Online

Get insights with familiar tools

Marketing Execution

Under Marketing Execution tile, you will find numerous tools to help you set up campaigns, manage contacts and leads, create lists, develop and refine marketing strategies and more.  
Marketing Automation in Dynamics CRM

Dynamics lets marketers set up and automate campaigns, manage leads and craft marketing plans

Marketing Automation

You can actually drag and drop activities to arrange them in the order you want. Create and configure actions on the fly as you whip your campaign into shape.  
Marketing automation in Dynamics CRM

Drag and drop marketing campaign activities

Marketing Budgeting and Strategy

Get a bird’s eye view of your media plan to understand your campaign costs, reach, and timeframes.  
Budgeting in Dynamics CRM

Monitor campaign costs and reach


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