Serpico Landscaping Accelerates Project Response Time With Dynamics CRM Online

“SADA was the first partner we engaged with that was able to think beyond technology capabilities and focus on the business solution we needed.”

Serpico Landscaping

Sharon, Serpico Hanson, CEO, Serpico Landscaping


Serpico Landscaping is a full-service landscape, irrigation, tree care and management service based in the Northern California Bay Area. Serpico Landscaping specializes in HOA communities, commercial properties and high-end apartments, providing high quality, environmentally-friendly results for their clients.

Business Challenges

Serpico Landscaping was previously running its landscaping business through a complex Microsoft Access database, with its Tree Care Branch managed through Salesforce. Managing about 50,000 work orders per month, Serpico Landscaping’s staff was challenged by the complexity and limitations of that systems.

In the Access database, reports as simple as current open projects had to be manually pulled from the system, exported to an Excel spreadsheet, and sent to the team. There was no way to create custom reports in the system, and any data analysis and reporting had to be manually run on the exported spreadsheet data. Furthermore, the Access database was running on Microsoft Server 2003, which was no longer supported by Microsoft. The Access database was built with over 100,000 product line items, which made changing data, such as updating pricing information, very tedious.

Serpico Landscaping had previously attempted to move the entire process to Salesforce, but ran into limitations with recurring work orders, which consisted of 90% of Serpico’s Landscaping’s business but weren’t supported by Salesforce. The result was that the Tree Care Branch was moved to Salesforce while the landscaping business remained on the Access database, adding another layer of complexity to reporting and project management processes.

Serpico Implements Dynamics CRM Online


Serpico Landscaping first began exploring Dynamics CRM Online through SADA Systems, a Microsoft National Solutions Provider specializing in Dynamics CRM deployment and customization. “Even our first call with SADA Systems was exciting because it was clear that they understood how to approach our database challenges with capabilities in Dynamics CRM,” stated the System Operations Manager for Serpico Landscaping. “SADA was the first partner we engaged with that was able to think beyond technology capabilities and focus on the business solution we needed.”

“There are a lot of CRM systems out there that are great for generating sales, but not many that are designed to effectively service an existing client base like ours. Dynamics CRM does both exceptionally well, and SADA was able to customize any unique capabilities we needed to provide the best possible service, which is a core value to our company” said Sharon Serpico Hanson, CEO.

SADA Systems was able to deploy Dynamics CRM for Serpico Landscaping in a way that effectively consolidated its data and set up customized views, reports and capabilities based on its unique needs. “I really appreciate that the SADA team let us set the pace. They turned requests around quickly, but weren’t just pushing to roll this out and move on to the next project; they took the time to make to make sure we understood the workings of every item they designed.”

With Dynamics CRM, members of the Serpico Landscaping team can see reports in real-time and even create custom views for individuals based on their role and needs. “There was a lot of functionality available right out of the box with Dynamics CRM, and SADA filled in all of the gaps with custom features. It was easy for them because they’ve already done it for someone else,” said Hanson. “Many times all I needed to do was send a quick email, and they would understand what I needed and make the update right away.”

Results and Benefits

When Serpico Landscaping first rolled out Dynamics CRM Online, some users were pessimistic because of challenges with previous solutions. “Since Dynamics CRM was so easy to use, it only took a couple of weeks for people to realize its positive impact,” said Hanson. “The SADA team was extremely knowledgeable and was there for us every step of the way. They made themselves available on the day of our go-live, and supported us afterwards to make sure everything was running smoothly.”

With Dynamics CRM Online, Serpico Landscaping Admin and Support teams work more efficiently due to streamlined controls. Service Teams are able to deliver higher quality services due to greater visibility, and executives can make more informed decisions with real-time access to business insights. “Our Admin & Support Team is over 50% more efficient with Dynamics CRM,” said Hanson, “and greater visibility allows our field employees to deliver higher quality work with less rework.”

Dynamics CRM has greatly accelerated Serpico Landscaping project request response time, which has been reduced to less than 24 hours. This shortens the entire project cycle, fueling growth by allowing Serpico to complete work and realize revenue faster. Executives now have complete account history with a 360-degree view of completed work and customer communication, improving overall customer satisfaction by enabling personalized engagement.

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