Empower Care Teams with Innovative Collaboration Tools

Empowering Care Teams by improving the huddle scenario

Transforming the huddle scenario with Microsoft Teams

New Transformative Huddle Scenario as showcased at HIMSS 2018. 

The healthcare industry is at a crossroads: changing ACA laws and rising operating costs are redefining how hospitals provide care. Medical centers are struggling to reconcile those challenges with the only numbers that matter: high HCAHPS scores. So what can health organizations do to empower care teams, improve their quality of care, and drive better outcomes?

They can leverage new cloud technologies that are aimed at re-imagining how medical teams work together to achieve more, more easily collaborate and provide better patient care.


Maximize the Power of Team Huddles:

The value of daily team huddles can’t be understated; these quick meetings (short enough to where staff stand the whole time) get team members on the same page about patient care strategies, operational goals, procedural roadblocks, safety regulations, and more. In one study, 84% of respondents felt huddles made a big impact in their ability to help patients. Yet, the schedules of staff often separate them from their teams, and accessing materials to prep for these meetings present challenges that need to be solved quickly and cost-effectively.


Leveraging Innovative Solutions to Empower Care Teams

Microsoft Teams as a Huddle Solution Accelerator

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that drives the virtual huddle workspace, occurring within a single application that enable huddles to span across locations, enabling staff to participate in them virtually from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Admins can even record these huddles to use for future reference, training, and even onboarding. Virtual huddles make patient care a continuous endeavor, allows teams to share ideas with each other, view and edit documents, and help care leaders organize and escalate hospital goals. Hospitals can also manage patient data and analyze business intelligence to provide more in-depth care.


Leveraging additional technologies, the Health Solution Accelerator creates a centralized hub for better communication, collaboration and reporting.

Here are a few of the apps that hospitals are using, in conjunction with Teams, to improve their daily huddles:

  • Microsoft Bots allows practitioners, researchers, and other critical staff the ability to quickly search for and access vital medical information. Bots is a tool that ushers in new levels of interaction and accessibility of business data, patient information, and medical research and can automate recurring tasks with Microsoft Flow. The use of Bots in healthcare (and fintech) is expected to save over $22 billion in time and salary by 2022.
  • Using data that is stored in Teams, Power BI can create rich reporting dashboards that helps care centers gain additional insights into key business metrics and identify quality of care issues. PowerBI can connect to hundreds of data sources, turning the challenge of disparate information sources into one centralized solution.
  • Power Apps provides a way to enter and track data such as care, safety and availability metrics from with Teams. Efficiency is improved by automating workflows using Microsoft Planner lessening the amount of manually intensive tasks.
  • OneNote provides a way for care teams to easily take notes and track action items all from one centralized repository. Record meeting minutes, assign tasks and report on status updates all in one location.


New Capabilities for Health Teams

Ultimately, Teams brings daily huddles into the virtual space, enabling staff from different locations to collaborate in new ways and improve internal operations and overall patient care.

What are your care facilities’ biggest challenges? Stop by the Microsoft booth #3823 at HIMSS to see an interactive demo of how Microsoft Teams can transform the huddle scenario.

Didn’t attend HIMSS but would like to learn more about Microsoft healthcare solutions and SADA services? Send us a note and we’d be happy to connect you with one of our healthcare solutions experts.


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