Top 9 Security Features of Office 365

While cloud productivity suites can offer accessibility from anywhere and on any device and the ability to collaborative with teams, they can sometimes leave IT professionals concerned about security and privacy. Here are the top 9 Microsoft Office 365 security features designed to protect your organization.   

1) Restricted Access

Microsoft restricts physical access to your data, limiting it solely to authorized personnel. Your data is protected behind numerous layers of physical security like motion sensors, 24-hour monitored access, biometric readers, video surveillance, and alarms in case a breach in security is ever detected.

2) No Data Mining

Your data will never be mined or accessed for advertising initiatives. Microsoft does not use customer data for anything beyond providing the services for which their customers subscribe. As such, Microsoft won’t scan your emails or documents for advertising efforts or any other intent.

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3) Data Encryption

Data stored by Microsoft is encrypted both both at rest and via the network as it is sent between between data centers and users. Users can send secure, encrypted emails to anyone; data is encrypted at rest with S/MIME Encryption and client-side encryption keys. Additionally, a combination of additional encryption technologies–Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and BitLocker–work together to protect messages at rest and in-transit.

4) Regular Backups

Microsoft performs regular backups of your data, and will also alert you if somehow your data has been accessed improperly.

5) Customizable Security

Office 365 allows IT professionals to toggle features that impact security on or off, depending on organizational needs. Additionally, Office 365 includes built-in mobile device management capabilities to allow users to manage access to corporate data.

Office 365 Admin Center

The Office 365 Admin Center

6) Contractually Secure Data Processing

Microsoft contractually adheres to the commitments made with the data processing terms in your volume licensing agreement.

7) Data Portability

You own and control the data you store with Microsoft. Throughout the course of your subscription, and even 90 days after it expires, you can download a full copy of your data any time without needing assistance from Microsoft.

8) Local Hosting

Microsoft hosts customer data in-region and is transparent about critical aspects of data storage, including the geographic location of your data, which Microsoft employees have access to it, and what they do with that information internally.

9) Guaranteed Uptime

Microsoft offers financially backed, guaranteed 99.9% uptime service level agreements to help organizations work free from interruptions. 


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