Introducing SADA Quarterly, a Quarterly Magazine for SADA Systems’ Microsoft Practice

SADA-IntroducingSADAQuarterly-01We are excited to announce the inaugural issue of our magazine, SADA Quarterly.  The cusp of the New Year, when everyone is seeking to reinvent themselves, seemed an appropriate time to dedicate our first issue (Q4 2018)  to digital transformation, including the top DT trends we at SADA predict will dominate in 2019. We also discuss several ways to achieve customer-centric DT using some of the new tools and improvements Microsoft rolled out in the latter part of 2018, including:

  • Empowering employees to innovate, collaborate, and contribute to organizational initiatives and goals.
  • Solidifying enterprise cybersecurity and assuring customers that sensitive data is secure.
  • Harnessing cloud technology to build an IT environment that makes it easier for employees to do their jobs.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about transitioning from Skype to Microsoft Teams, how to boost efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365, or how to maintain a secure hybrid cloud environment using Microsoft Azure, this issue covers it all.

Introducing SADA Quarterly

SADA Quarterly covers digital transformation, enterprise security, and cloud technology. This issue highlights the Skype to Microsoft Teams transition, 2019 tech trends, and more.

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