Forrester Report: The ROI of Microsoft Azure PaaS

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud platform, designed to enable users to quickly build, manage and deploy applications. It touts the ability to to help any developer or IT professional boost productivity through integrated tools, pre-built templates and managed services that simplify building and managing enterprise, mobile, Web and Internet of Things (IoT) apps faster. Azure can be used fluidly in hybrid cloud set-ups that complete with links to download trial versions of all suggested solutions. Forrester recently researched the impact Azure PaaS can have on organizations’ bottom line, ultimately finding that businesses switching from Azure IaaS to Azure PaaS realized a 466% ROI. Organizations making the larger switch from on-premise infrastructures to Azure might expect even higher returns, according to the research giant. 


Microsoft Azure ROI

Forrester’s findings of Azure ROI and net-present value (NPV)


Azure’s quickly growing adoption at the enterprise level is making an impact for Microsoft: Business Insider reports that Microsoft reported a revenue growth of 127% from Azure in 2015, compared to AWS reported revenues around 69%, and Microsoft has been recognized as a Leader across key Gartner Magic Quadrants for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Application Platform as a Service, and Cloud Storage Services for two years running.

Microsoft Azure ROI

Forrester’s four-part blueprint for strategy in the age of the customer

Users participating in Forrester’s research attribute Azure for driving costs down, with one strategist and founder of a US IT services firm responding,

“Developing our app without PaaS? We wouldn’t have done it. Frankly, the extra time and resources would have wiped out any profit that we have generated.”

Forrester’s findings were derived from researching the ROI realized by organizations with several years of experience using Azure IaaS moving to PaaS. The companies leverage specific service offerings like App Service, SQL Database, and Azure Active Directory.


Interested in learning more about Azure? Download the Forrester report here:

Get Azure Total Economic Impact Report


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