WASH Multifamily Laundry Grows Business with Microsoft


“In the past, our financial manager would have had to extract data, send it to the IT department, and wait weeks for a custom report. The beauty of Power BI is that employees are creating reports themselves without involving the IT team and sharing those reports with colleagues. This is extremely powerful for us.”

Allan Villegas, WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems, Chief Financial Officer


Business Challenges

WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems (WASH), established in 1947, is a leader in technology-advanced and eco-friendly laundry room services with over 500,000 washers and dryers in 70,000 locations across the United States in apartments, condos, universities, military bases, and more. More than 5 million people do their laundry each week at a WASH facility.

A high-tech organization in a low-tech industry, WASH was growing at a rapid rate and looking for a way to effectively analyze data  from each of their 500,000 washers and dryers across the continent in order to manage services at various locations and make fast, data-driven decisions to improve pricing and service models.


WASH looked to SADA Systems to build a seamless cloud BI solution leveraging Microsoft’s powerful cloud platform – Power BI and SharePoint Online. With Power BI, built on the familiar interface of Excel, WASH employees can access, share, and interact with real-time analytics anywhere and from any device. SADA Systems also built a customized SharePoint Online collaboration environment for WASH, allowing teams across the continent to share and access vital company information.

Watch SADA CEO Tony Safoian’s keynote demonstration at Microsoft’s World Partner Conference featuring WASH Laundry and Power BI:




Power BI and SharePoint Online provided a complete, real-time snapshot of business performance, facilitating data-driven business decisions to enable optimal growth and profitability while expanding storage capacity and cutting overall IT costs. SharePoint Online provided WASH employees with highly secure, auditable, always-accessible data across all locations. Building on that data, Power BI improved the effectiveness of financial analysis and operational decisions through the ability to access, share and discuss real-time analytics regarding performance and profitability.

Chris Hannum, Chief Operating Officer at WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems, added, “By using a unified suite of Microsoft software in our datacenter and in the cloud, we’ve cut our acquisition systems integration time in half. When you’re growing as fast as we are, this is incredibly valuable so acquisitions can contribute to the business sooner.” WASH also leveraged SharePoint Online to increase team collaboration and maintain the “family feel” by keeping employees connected, engaged and motivated even amidst rapid growth and expansion.

To learn more about SADA Systems Microsoft solutions, email us at mssales@sadasystems.com or visit our website.

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