Power BI Adds Data Alerts


Power BI, which is a part of the Office 365 E5 suite, has been updated to enable setting up push notifications and email alerts across iOS, Windows 10 mobile, and soon Android. Users can set specified thresholds and notification intervals to set up alerts. 

Power BI Alerts


Users can set alerts directly in the Power BI desktop service, or on iOS devices. On the desktop service, users can set alerts on Power BI dashboard tiles with gauges and cards, and the alert can be pushed to that user while not being shared or visible to others, even if other users share the same dashboard.

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Power BI AlertUsers can receive alerts on iPhones in the Power BI Notification Center or in the Power BI service, as well as alerts about new dashboards other users have shared with them. Data sources are often set to refresh daily, although some refresh more often. Power BI will check to see if it has been more than an hour since the user’s last alert (depending on the frequency they have specified), and any data that has passed previously outlined thresholds will be brought the user’s attention. Push notifications and alerts are a direct link to the user’s data, so clicking on the notification will take the user directly to the relevant tile. Users can share these tiles with other stakeholders using the annotate and share feature of Power BI mobile.

Alerts can take the form of emails, messages in the Notification Center, and as icons on the applicable tiles.

To add alerts in the Power BI service, users can navigate to a desired tile, and click the bell icon. They can add a title, make sure the slider is set to On and add alert details like condition, threshold, and alert frequency.

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