Microsoft WPC 2014 Updates: Commitment to Productivity


At Microsoft’s World Partner Conference (WPC), the company expressed its desire to be defined by productivity and focused on providing business solutions, not just single programs or devices. These solutions actively demonstrate Microsoft’s new challenger mindset focused on producing competitive, ground-breaking, strategic business solutions.

This is part three of a 3-part series dedicated to the latest news from WPC and what they mean for your business. The first covered recent Azure developments, the second outlined Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite, and this blog’s key focus is Microsoft’s new solutions that demonstrate their renewed commitment to productivity.


An additional solution will be Delve (announced earlier this year as codename Oslo), an application Microsoft has been working on for years that has the ability to search content across Office 365 to provide relevant, personalized information based on machine learning. Designed as part of Nadella’s vision to turn Microsoft info a “productivity and platform company,” Delve cuts out all the noise and focuses on the most important details. Microsoft’s Delve team describes it as, “Delve highlights key information of interest to you, based on what you are working on and the actions of people in your network.” It is powered by an intelligence fabric called the Office Graph, which allows you to remove information silos that exist across different applications. This provides one place to highlight key professional information and allow for personalized, focused work.

Power BI


James Phillips, Microsoft Business Intelligence Manager who showcased new Power BI updates at WPC, described it as a “single pane of glass” to the heart of a business. Microsoft Power BI is a powerful analytic tool that has the ability to transform big data into valuable business intelligence. Power BI provides the power to create collaborative, shareable data visualizations in order for businesses to make data-driven business decisions. There are three main elements of Power BI:

  • Self-Service BI in Excel extends the data-based analytic capabilities of Excel 2013 with sophisticated data models, interactive visualizations, a the ability to connect data from public and corporate sources. Features also include the ability to integrate an interactive 3D map experience in Excel.

  • Power BI for Office 365 builds upon the self-service BI features, allowing users to create, share, and edit interactive reports for collaborative purposes. Users can also use natural language queries to find information in their own data, share and manage queries and data sources, and analyze query usage. Furthermore, reports can be viewed on the go with the Power BI app.

  • IT Infrastructure Services allow companies to integrate Power BI into their organization, seamlessly and securely connecting local data to the cloud and allowing IT professionals to manage Power BI infrastructure from a site.


Microsoft as a company is redefining their vision, mission, and strategy. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s recent letter to employees and keynote at WPC highlighted Microsoft’s new mindset and “mobile-first, cloud-first” strategy. As part of this vision, Satya Nadella demonstrated refreshing new solutions at WPC such as the “Star Trek” Skype translator, which showcased a real-time German-to-English conversation translated through the Skype application. Both Delve and Power BI demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to this renewed focus and their ability to implement productive solutions.

As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and National Solutions Partner, SADA Systems was privileged to send a number of our own leaders and sales reps to WPC to hear about the latest and Microsoft’s new productivity-focused vision. If you have any questions about Microsoft productivity solutions or are looking for cloud consultative services, don’t hesitate to email us at

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