WesTech Deploys Office 365 with SADA’s 365in90 Program


[Editor’s Note] Today’s blog post is a case study featuring SADA Systems’ Office 365 consultation, deployment, and training services for WesTech. 


Website: http://www.westech-inc.com/
Organization size500 Users
Country or RegionSalt Lake City, Utah
IndustryEngineering, Manufacturing
SADA Service(s)Office 365in90 implementation

SADA Systems was very responsive and we were able to get everything implemented very quickly, which was a very big deal to us. We heavily relied on their expertise in all stages of the project. The fact that SADA Systems was able to complete this in 70 days was a huge value-add.

 –Logan Turner, Senior Systems Engineer, WesTech

Business Challenges 

WesTech is a globally established company that engineers and manufactures water treatment equipment. They have positioned themselves as leaders in process knowledge for the water treatment industry, covering everything from small municipalities to large mines and industrial systems. WesTech’s worldwide presence leads them to operate offices throughout North America, South Africa, India, China, and Brazil. WesTech’s expertise is utilized by small municipalities and large organizations such as Exxon and Chevron. According to Logan Turner, Senior Systems Engineer and Helpdesk Supervisor at WesTech, “We are very passionate about water. Anytime you want to separate solids and liquids, we’re the go-to guys for that.” 

Previously, WesTech was running on on-premise Exchange servers with employees using Outlook for day-to-day communication externally and internally. Storage space was becoming more and more tight on their on-premise servers, and they were in a vulnerable position without an adequate archive solution. Uptime was also an issue, and keeping email up and the Exchange servers up-to-date outside of business hours was a major headache for WesTech’s IT team. As a global company, WesTech needed a way for people to access their email reliably and quickly, anytime and anywhere. “We were running out of space and our update window was limited,” said Turner, We simply weren’t able to give our users the anytime, anywhere access to email they needed to be responsive to our customers’ needs. 


WesTech discovered Microsoft Office 365, realizing that it could resolve many of the challenges they were experiencing. “Office 365 made the most financial sense,” stated Turner, “We were able to free up resources as well as give people additional mailbox and archive space.” WesTech connected with SADA Systems through another company which had successfully utilized SADA Systems’ expertise for a similar migration. “SADA Systems just had the best historical track record, especially for migrating data over,” Turner affirmed. “We liked that they charged a set rate for everything and it was not based on hours of consulting time. The scope of work included everything we needed – including the migration setupgetting the mailboxes migrated over, and training for administrators and end users.”    

As a SADA Systems “365in90” customer, in which SADA Systems completes the migration process within 90 days, WesTech’s transition was completed efficiently and without disrupting their business. “SADA Systems was very responsive and we were able to get everything implemented very quickly, which was a very big deal to us. We heavily relied on their expertise in all stages of the project. The fact that SADA Systems was able to complete this in 70 days was a huge value-add. I would definitely use SADA Systems again for future migrations.” Throughout the implementation project, SADA Systems provided clear instructions on tasks and deadlines in order to make the transition as strategic and seamless and possible. WesTech also greatly appreciated that training was included in the migration. “Our team benefited greatly from the administrator training. It gave us a clearer understanding of what to expect as the project progressed. Also, our end users are always asking for more familiarity with solutions, and the training provided by SADA Systems was very beneficial to them.” 

Results and Benefits 

Since migrating to Office 365 suite of cloud solutions, WesTech’s IT team has realized major savings in time and expense by not having to manage their on-premise servers. “It’s definitely a huge cost saver not having to manage the servers we previously used to run Exchange. We no longer have to worry about scheduling updates and maintaining Exchange servers,” said Turner. He estimates that their IT team saves at least 5-10 hours a month by not managing servers, as well as saving approximately $10,000 per year by not having to add additional on-premise storage space.  

WesTech has also seen major improvements in reliability and productivity within their organization since transitioning to Office 365. After the migration, Westech experienced a major Internet outage at their main office. Turner describes the situation: “Typically, losing our primary Internet connection would cut us off completely from emailing anyone outside of our organization. But, because we moved to Office 365, we were able to get all of our employees connected to email over backup Internet connections. This ensured we were able to communicate with our customers to make sure they had the information they needed. This helped us continue to quickly respond to our customers’ needs and competitively bid on major projects.” 

WesTech’s users were able to easily adapt to the new system as they realized they could continue to use the email interface that they were already familiar with, just with additional features like the Outlook Web App that would make managing their mailboxes from home and on the road much simpler. Furthermore, the availability of Lync has provided WesTech with channels that facilitate reliable external and internal communication, as well as the advantage of added mobility. “We’ve also been using email and Lync on our phones, and that’s how we’ve been able to keep in contact with our group lately,” said Turner. “The company is also able to host meetings externally over Lync. Anybody in the company can use Lync to have meetings with people inside and outside of WesTech. It helps with internal and external communication which is key to our success. We’re really excited about that.”

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