SADA helps BIT Group move to Office 365!

[Editor’s Note] Today’s blog post is a case study featuring the work SADA Systems has done to migrate BIT Group to Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise! 

Client: BIT Group
Organization size: 130 users
Country or Region: Irvine, CA
Industry: Medical Devices
SADA Service(s): Office 365 for Enterprise migration

Customer Profile:
BIT Group is a global organization offering complete services in the area of contract development and manufacturing as well as after-sales service of equipment for medical, diagnostic and industrial OEMs.

“BIT Group received great consultancy services and partnership through SADA Systems.”
– Helge Guenther, CIO of BIT Group

Business Challenges:
BIT Group is a global organization offering complete services in the area of contract development and manufacturing as well as after-sales service of equipment for medical, diagnostic and industrial OEMs. There are two US-based BIT Group offices located in Irvine and San Diego, with headquarters in Germany and offices in France, Japan and China. The BIT Group offices located in the US were running off of Exchange 2003, which presented several immediate challenges: expensive hardware upkeep and time-consuming maintenance of their on-premise infrastructure, including server issues and maintaining high availability (HA), geo-redundancy and disaster recovery. With offices collaborating across the globe, non-compatible versions of hardware and software begin to present issues to productivity – team members were unable to see calendars in order to schedule meetings, or connect with one another over different email addresses.

BIT Group’s US offices were prompted to make a move to the cloud in order to ease and facilitate collaboration amongst one another, while also reducing infrastructure upkeep, and increasing high availability and redundancy. BIT Group decided to move to Office 365 for Business for change management purposes, as well as the depth and flexibility of Office 365 cloud solutions, including Lync and SharePoint.

BIT Group decided to quickly move their instances together between their US-based offices. With a very small IT staff, for whom managing Exchange was not a core competency, it made sense for the BIT Group offices in the US to engage the assistance of a cloud implementation partner. SADA Systems worked closely with Helge Guenther, CIO of BIT Group, to first move their San Diego office to Office 365, utilizing SADA’s Proof of Concept (POC) offer to migrate an initial group of 40 users to the platform.

The process went smoothly, from the creation of the Statement of Work (SOW) to the go-live itself. That solid implementation, alongside a positive user experience prompted BIT Group to move their Irvine office to Office 365, for a total of approximately 130 users to Office 365. SADA provided a “big bang” style migration to the Office 365 platform for the BIT Group office to ensure a quick transition to the new platform. SADA additionally guided BIT Group’s project team through the conversion process and change management. SADA also made sure that BIT Group’s IT team received a comprehensive review of the Office 365 admin portal for continued management.

 Results and Benefits:
The reception to Office 365 has been extremely positive, without any concerns from either BIT Group’s IT staff or users. BIT Group’s executive management team finds SharePoint extremely useful to organize key content, and looks to find new ways to further optimize and utilize SharePoint as a platform. Overall, Office 365 has changed the nature of collaboration for BIT Group – team members can now easily view and share calendars and communicate quickly over the same comprehensive email solution, with Lync integration. “Everything just works together nicely,” said Guenther. “There were many comments from the C-level team that the conversion went very smoothly. At the end of the day, you just want IT to work.” With their IT systems running smoothly through the cloud with Office 365, BIT Group’s IT focus can shift from managing and running Exchange, to focus on other initiatives. BIT Group also enjoys the benefits of reduced IT expenditures on maintaining software and hardware, as well as licensing and application server costs.

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