Phenomenex Drives Growth Globally with Office 365


“With Office 365, our users have access to the latest, cloud-based tools in order to communicate and work together effectively – anywhere in the world. 

Juan Martinez, Information and Technology Manager, Phenomenex


Phenomenex_Office_365_LogoBusiness Challenges 

Phenomenex is a global technology leader committed to developing and manufacturing analytical chemistry solutions that solve the separation and purification challenges of researchers in industrial, clinical, government and academic laboratories. With physical offices in 12 different countries and distributors in 62, Phenomenex has proven themselves as a global leader and innovator in scientific research and manufacturing. 

Before making the transition to the cloud, Phenomenex was dependent on 14 Exchange servers in multiple locations that powered their email communication and data. “Our main goal was to eliminate our current infrastructure and put everything in the cloud, both to reduce costs and facilitate the growth of the company,” said Juan Martinez, Information and Technology Manager for Phenomenex. Additionally, every time the company acquired a new location, it was required to spend time and resources to build a new infrastructure system from scratch. This setup process took three to five months and was extremely costly. 

Phenomenex also ran into challenges and limitations with on-premise servers. With Windows Server 2003 quickly approaching end-of-life, the company was faced with the cost of upgrading. “As a global organization, email is especially critical for day-to-day business communication,” explained Martinez, “Not only were we experiencing three or four email outages a year, but users complained about incompatibilities and struggled to work effectively with our outdated Microsoft software.”  


Knowing that they needed to find a more reliable and cost-effective solution, the Phenomenex team looked into several different cloud frameworks that would mitigate their IT challenges as well as provide their users with the latest tools. Phenomenex connected with SADA Systems, an award-winning Microsoft National Solutions Provider, to explore and implement the new technology. “The primary reason why we chose SADA Systems as an implementation partner was their deep technical knowledge,” said Martinez. “We felt very confident in SADA’s ability to guide our team through this transformation.” 

Exploring the tools available, Microsoft Office 365 stood out as the solution that would not only solve Phenomenex’s IT challenges, but facilitate the company’s growth and provide the powerful collaboration tools to take business to the next level. Office 365 in the cloud would allow Phenomenex’s IT team to avoid undertaking the complicated and costly process of upgrading their servers, systems, and software. Since Office 365 environments were fast and easy to set up, new locations could be up and running in a fraction of the time. 


SADA Systems worked with Phenomenex’s IT team to implement Office 365 globally across Europe, Australia, India, and various parts of Asia and the United States. Martinez shared, “SADA Systems really shaped the implementation by providing excellent technical knowledge and skills, and effectively integrating Office 365 collaboration tools in order to really transform our business.” 

Results and Benefits 

With Office 365, Phenomenex is saving approximately $60,000 annually simply by avoiding costly licensing, server upgrades, and time spent managing on-premise servers. Office 365 is also driving company growth for Phenomenex by streamlining the startup process for new locations, which previously would take three to five months and was extremely expensive. Martinez announced, “Office 365 allowed us to bypass the startup costs and set up email within a week.”  

 “Previously, our employees were limited by outdated software and were dying for access to the latest version,” said Martinez, “With Office 365, our users have access to the latest, cloud-based tools in order to communicate and work together effectively – anywhere in the world.” Users quickly embraced the new solution, as they were already familiar with the Microsoft interface and were thrilled about the freedom and functionality provided by the cloud and the collaborative tools in Office 365. Not only is it significantly faster, but it provides the flexibility of accessing all their work 24/7, remotely, and from any device.  

 As a global company, cross-national teams can easily share ideas and work together on one central document or spreadsheet in Office 365, without having to email different versions back and forth or piece together edits. “I can work on something all day, and as I’m leaving in the evening a coworker in China can pick it up and add input. Then a partner in Germany can review and make edits, and so on. Collaboration is so much more fluid, so business moves forward more quickly.” 

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