Office 365 Updates: Enterprise Social


Time for a series of exciting Office 365 updates! Since the SharePoint Conference, Microsoft has been rolling out a slew of changes to their cloud services for business, government and education premised on four core beliefs, as revealed in one of the Office blogs:

  • The future of work operates as a network, founded on openness and transparency

  • Personalized and proactive insights delivered through technology, allowing people to better focus

  • Belief in the power of an open development platform and robust ecosystem

  • The ability to work from anywhere, on any device, utilizing tools that can be responsibly managed for security and compliance


In light of these focus areas, we’ll dive into a few key updates geared towards the enterprise social experience with Yammer and Office 365:


  • Office 365: Office Graph and user experience, Oslo
    Extending the concept of the Yammer Enterprise Graph across Office 365, Microsoft presented the Office Graph as a way to show how relationships between people and information are mapped by taking record of data like posts, replies, shares and uploads. Intelligently connecting data pulled from social, cloud, big data and machine learning, the Office Graph powers new, personalized experiences for Office 365 users. Oslo is connected to Office Graph – it’s an application that has a single user interface with customized insights based on the user’s meetings, documents, people, conversations and more!

  • Increased Office 365 development opportunities
    With new, robust APIs and tool improvements, building solutions for Office 365 is easier than ever before. Learn more by visiting this blog.

  • Inline social experiences with Yammer for Office 365 and any other app, service or LOB system
    Yammer is now integrated across SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Outlook, making it even easier for users to get connected anywhere, on any device.


To learn more about enterprise social and Office 365, visit our website!

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