Office 365 looking golden for communication

Microsoft looks ready to strike gold with its acquisition of Skype the VOIP company that made voice and video conferencing so easy around the world. Microsoft revealed plans to integrate Skype with Office 365 and bring its versatile voice and video capabilities to the online productivity suite. Office 365 has its own voice and video client called Lync. Now with the acquisition of Skype, Microsoft has access to more than 500 million users around the world.

With Skype under its wing, Office 365 looks ready to nail the competition to the wall with communication and collaboration. Lync was already a formidable challenge to the traditional voice chat. It was integrated into all the individual components of Office 365 so that you could instantly communicate with your colleagues and team members at anytime while you work. This was a major boost to online collaboration when it came to team work. Simultaneous access to the same document or file made it easier for users to work together and collaborate. Lync made it easier by integrating the platform straight into Office 365 Solutions.

The only challenge that Lync hadn’t overcome was the access to users who didn’t have Office 365. Lync is vast and powerful but at the same time it is limited in access. It is bound by the perimeter of Office 365. This meant that Lync voice and video capabilities were restricted only on a business communication level. You could reach out to your work colleagues or your team members but you couldn’t reach out to your clients who wouldn’t be using the same productivity suite.

That is where Skype bridges the gap. Skype has more than 500 million users around the world who are not restricted by businesses or productivity suites. With Lync and Skype being integrated, you can now reach out to your clients and users around the world. It is a big win for Microsoft. Office 365 Services are looking extremely solid with the integration of Skype.

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