Office 365 and Project Collaboration

Interested in learning how to leverage Office 365 to enhance project collaboration? Look no further than the white paper and video recently published by Microsoft. The white paper outlines how to facilitate project collaboration between colleagues, including how to:

    • Utilize Office 365 to create a Project Management Information System (PMIS)

    • Integrate Microsoft Project information with SharePoint

    • Empower a project team to collaboratively share relevant information with MS Office

    • Build a project management dashboard in SharePoint Online

    • Utilize mobile devices to interact with project artifacts and communications

If your organization is already familiar with Microsoft tools, this paper details how to use them to advance your business practices. This resource is particularly useful to organizations looking to keep change impact to a minimum, by growing skill sets using already familiar tools. To learn more about Office 365, visit SADA’s website.


Is Office 365 Just Office in the Cloud?

Microsoft Office 365 eBook

Short answer: No—it's so much more! Learn how Office 365 adds security, mobility and speed to processes. This eBook will explain how combining familiar tools with powerful additions like Power BI, OneNote, and OneDrive can help your business manage and tackle more tasks.

Download the

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