Office 365 Adds New Capabilities for 2012

2011 was an exciting year for Office 365, with cloud computing leading the way for IT solutions for businesses, large and small. At the end of 2011, more than 40 percent of Interbrand’s list of the world’s top 100 brands ran on Office 365, including the Campbell Soup Company and Groupe Marie-Claire. Office 365 also became the first and only major cloud-based platform to meet the leading EU and US standards for data protection and security. And when customers for the enterprise asked for further support, Office 365 delivered a new online support center, with information and resources for any enterprise IT professionals who want to deploy, integrate, and manage Office 365 services in the cloud or hybrid environments. With so much enterprise success, it’s easy to forget that 90 percent of Office 365 customers are small- to medium-sized businesses, with fewer than 50 employees. Office 365 kicks off the new year with an update that allows new capabilities for kiosk workers, reaching out to any business that doesn’t operate out of a desk or an office. The changes allow more mobile employees, shift workers and employees who use shared PCs to enjoy the communication and collaboration benefits of Office 365.

These new capabilities include:

    • Adding Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) for mobile devices to the Exchange Online Kiosk plan and Office 365 Kiosk Plan.
    • Doubling email storage from 500 MB to 1 GB in both the Exchange Online Kiosk plan and the Office 365 Kiosk plan.
    • Offering Exchange Online Archiving (EOA), including legal hold and unlimited storage, as an add-on to any Exchange Online plan, including Kiosk and ”E” plans.

This past year proved that cloud computing is truly the future of IT, and 2012 is sure to bank on that notion, as the cloud and its capabilities continuously expands to new organizations and businesses from a wide range of industries.

At SADA, we can’t wait to see where that will take and our clients.

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