Microsoft to Roll Out New E5 Suite for Office 365


Microsoft has recently announced that it will roll out a new premium Office 365 Enterprise Suite called E5, which will replace the current E4 offering, before the end of 2015.

E5 will encompass virtually all the same capabilities as E4, but will also package the best of Microsoft’s next-generation solutions released over the past year, such as Advanced Threat Protection, Skype for Business, Power BI Pro, Delve and more.

Microsoft Office 365 E5 Suite 2015

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E5 is all about supporting Microsoft’s mobile-first, cloud-first strategy by providing real-time communications and analytics to support a better way of working.

Skype for Business on laptopSkype for Business

Skype for Businesslaunched earlier this year to replace Lync, includes some impressive business communication capabilities which will allow Skype for Business to replace tools such as GoToMeeting, Cisco, Avaya and more:

  • Skype Meeting Broadcast: Broadcast meetings for up to 10,000 people to attend in a browser on nearly every device
  • PSTN Conferencing: Allows traditional dial-in capability to Skype for Business meetings allowing attendees to join an online meeting even without Internet access
  • Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling: Make and receive traditional phone calls in Skype for Business, rolling out to users worldwide

Advanced Security Features

Security for cloud environments has long been a priority for Microsoft, and this is no less inevitable than in the upcoming E5 offerings. Two major solutions include Customer Lockbox and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

Customer Lockbox provides customers with unprecedented control over content by allowing customers to approve or deny access during those rare occurrences when Microsoft engineers come in contact with customer information.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Exchange Online is a next-generation email filtering service that provides additional protection against zero-day malware attacks. These controls protect a user’s email environment against unknown malware campaigns, unsafe attachments, malicious links and more.

  • Protect against unknown viruses and malware by analyzing attachment behavior
  • Time-of-click protection against malicious URLs not yet known by EOP
  • Real-time reporting and tracing of URL click-throughs

Office Delve Organizational AnalyticsOffice Delve – Organizational Analytics

Organizational analytics in Office Delve, Microsoft’s business productivity application, provides employees with full visibility over how they are engaging with coworkers and using technology to do work.

These insights, accessible via a rich dashboard, will drive platform adoption and help users use Office 365 to its full potential.

Power BI Pro

E5 users will gain access to Power BI “2.0” released in July of this year. Power BI is changing the game for cloud BI, allowing users to connect with and gain insight from their data faster and more simply than ever before. The latest features include enhanced report design and web authoring, Power BI Desktop, collaboration and Excel support, Apache Spark integration and mobile apps to access analytics from anywhere.
With Office 365 being the fastest growing commercial product in Microsoft’s history, the E5 Suite is a sophisticated, innovative and integral part of Microsoft’s mobile-first, cloud-first strategy.

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  1. Christian Fedor

    We are a Microsoft partner looking for a new phone system. We use Office 365 and we would like to add Skype for Business as soon as it is available. Our two caveats are as follows. First, we require a wide area network connection that can guarantee call quality, meaning we want quality of service (QoS) to prioritize the voice calls. Second, we require some basic call routing, call recording, and call reporting for our call center (help desk.) Please let me know if we are good fit for your practice.

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