Microsoft Reveals: The New Exchange

Last week, Microsoft announced exciting new changes to Exchange, a foundational professional email collaboration tool that’s evolved as the ways that businesses operate and people communicate has changed. With the explosion of the cloud, the prevalence of a mobile workforce, increasingly complicated compliance regulations and more, it’s only natural that Exchange has transformed to become an even more powerful email solution – and we get a sneak peek into how.

Taken from the Microsoft Office 365 Technical Blog,

“With Exchange 2010, we redesigned the product with low-cost large mailboxes and cloud services in mind. We then extended this vision through Office 365 where tens of thousands of organizations with millions of users have accompanied us on this journey to the cloud. Now, customers can look forward to the new release of Exchange which offers a wide variety of exciting benefits:

    • Remain in control, online and on-premises, by tailoring your solution based on your unique needs and ensuring your communications are always available on your terms.
    • Keep the organization safe by protecting business communications and sensitive information in order to meet internal and regulatory compliance requirements.
    • Increase productivity by helping users manage increasing volumes of communications across multiple devices.”

Take a look at the service preview of Office 365 Enterprise and get excited for what’s to come: the new Exchange allows you to protect your email from sudden surges in traffic, move to the cloud at your own pace (whether your organization prefers to move to the cloud gradually or rapidly) and run in-place eDiscovery across other Office 365 products, including SharePoint and Lync – all from a single interface that’s designed to be experienced on multiple devices.

Work from your desktop, laptop or phone – whether you’re connected to the internet or not. My personal favorite: offline support in OWA now grants you the ability to launch OWA in your browser and work, even with a spotty internet connection (whether you’re in an airport, at an event or running somewhere between the two), and  your emails and tasks are automatically synced the next time you have a network connection. Office 365 now has a new feature that makes it even easier to get in touch with the professional connections you’ve made: import contact information from LinkedIn, and have all that information at your fingertips, in one place. Exchange will consolidate each individual contact’s information across your personal contacts, GAL and other networks to create one master contact card.

At SADA, we eagerly anticipate upcoming announcements from Microsoft – read more by visiting the Office 365 Community blog! To learn more about SADA Systems’ services with Office 365, please visit our Pinpoint listing or our website.

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