Why You Need An Enterprise Social Network – an HR Perspective

Today’s guest blogger is Orkideh Shahidi, Director of People Operations at SADA Systems.


Rapid transformation in today’s business landscape means that there are many human resource management challenges that evolve during the various stages of a company’s growth. From recruiting the right talent to on-boarding and creating an engaging corporate culture, HR managers today are in need of new solutions and tools to help provide value to their organizations and employees.

As Director Of People Operations, I am always looking for new ways to increase employee engagement and create an open and transparent corporate culture. After taking a deeper look at Yammer, we decided to utilize it to create a social environment fit for the enterprise. yammer-enterprise-social-network

Yammer is an enterprise social platform that allows individuals and teams to communicate and share information with specific groups or the company as a whole. SADA Systems now actively uses the platform in everyday workflows. We were also privileged to facilitate Yammer’s debut in June at SHRM, the largest HR Conference in the world.

Here are some benefits that HR professionals can gain from using Yammer to drive overall employee satisfaction and company productivity.

Communicate More Effectively Company-Wide

The way that the presence of open, two-way dialogue improves communication amongst teams, employees, managers, and executives is invaluable. We’ve seen that important information easily gets siloed within certain teams or levels of management. Furthermore, the cost of interrupting the entire company to get together for frequent announcements or updates is significant; Yammer keeps all of us on the same page without interrupting workflows or sacrificing productivity. Everyone is given the opportunity to contribute to the corporate conversation, and no one is left out of the loop, missing meetings, not included on an email thread, and so on. With Yammer, project managers can announce a new deadline, a new hire can get questions answered quickly, or our CEO can provide direction and announcements, thereby constantly supporting the company vision and mission. Former communication gaps are bridged by a rich, flexible channel that strengthens workplace connections between individuals, teams, and our company as a whole.

 Increase Employee Retention

One of the most rewarding aspects of implementing Yammer was the increase in employee engagement, which is vital when considering turnover rates and productivity. Since 41% of employees are more comfortable sharing new ideas and feedback with management through Yammer than traditional communication channels, certain employees who might otherwise stay silent are able to safely and effectively contribute their ideas and opinions. Yammer opens up the floor for any employee in any level or department to share discoveries, celebrate wins, and engage in business processes in their own unique way.

Furthermore, everyone wants to be recognized for great work. Yammer has provided the opportunity for notable accomplishments to receive public praise, increasing our overall productivity by generating motivation for employees to perform at their very best. High-performers are more widely recognized, which we’ve seen lead to higher satisfaction and retention.

Improve Onboarding, Learning, and Development

During the onboarding process, our new employees are generally the source of a never-ending flow of questions starting with “How do I…?” or “Where do I find…?”. Thankfully, Yammer provides any employee, veteran or new hire, with access to centralized, searchable information and an accessible, efficient way to get real questions answered by real people. New hires have the resources and information of our entire team (or even the whole organization) at their fingertips; one person’s question can provide unexpected clarity to the entire department. These tools allow new employees the ability to ramp up faster and continue to develop their skills over time as they learn from their peers.

If you’re ready to transform how your organization engages and grows, sign up today and let us show you how Yammer can address some of your challenges.

In early July, Microsoft stated that Yammer Enterprise is now included in Office 365 midsize business and education plans. According to Microsoft, “Yammer is an integral part of Office 365 and it is being used by more than 500,000 organizations to transform how they work every day.” Yammer is also being reshuffled; it is in the process of being moved into the Outlook and Office 365 development teams for a more integrated social collaboration experience. Furthermore, the Yammer team is constantly rolling out helpful updates and “YamTips” to improve the platform’s functionality and ease of use.

SADA Systems is a Microsoft Solutions Partner and a knowledgeable guide through the process of evaluating and adopting Yammer with Yammer Customer Engagement Partner Program Certification. If you have any questions, reach out at mssales@sadasystems.com or by visiting our website.

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