SharePoint Online features make collaboration even faster!


SharePoint Online gets a few new exciting updates that make it even easier for Office 365 users to work with others, even those outside of your domain! Collaborate even faster with these changes, which allow for quick collaboration with external users and improved mobility functionality.

As recently announced on the Office 365 Technology blog, SharePoint Online joins other Office 365 solutions that have simplified sharing and access outside of users corporate domains – sharing links and sites living in SharePoint is simpler than before, with the following updates:

  • Anonymous Guest Links, easily created with one click
    Capable right from SkyDrive Pro or your SharePoint Online library – disable the Guest Link anytime!

  • Sharing capabilities for all site members (not only the site collection owner)
    Increase collaboration time and decrease administration by giving the right permissions to the right people from the start – site collection owners can now give site members the ability to share (internally and externally) without having the site collection admin acting as the firewall every time.

  • Notify all recipients on the same email
    Now when sharing with multiple people in the dialogue box, a single email message is sent to everyone (with your own email in the cc-line) – as opposed to a separate email per recipient.


SharePoint Online also gets a new Touch Design experience for SkyDrive Pro and Sites in Office 365. Simply touch tiles to view documents, with a simple sharing icon located in the top right corner – again for internal and external sharing. Easily switch between SkyDrive Pro and Sites through touch by hitting the left corner navigation – or see the other Office 365 solutions you subscribe to, like mail, calendar and contacts. This is all part of Office 365’s aim to make it even easier to be productive over the mobile device of your choice.


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