Office 365 update! Real-time co-authoring in Office Web Apps


Microsoft Office 365 get an exciting collaboration update with the availability of real-time editing for Office Web Apps! Now users can all edit and work on the same document with full visibility into who is contributing or making changes, whether it’s in the Word Web App, PowerPoint Web App or Excel Web App.  Whether you’re working on a presentation, collaboratively taking meeting notes or collectively figuring out a budget, real-time presence makes it easy to avoid duplicated efforts, and helps drive forward the evolution of ideas.

The Office 365 update to Office Web Apps also includes automatic save settings, so that edits are saved as they happen. And of course, with Office 365’s standard of a seamless experience across multiple devices, you can enjoy real-time collaboration on a desktop, tablet, iPad or mobile device. Microsoft has also made improvements to formatting controls in Word, including find/replace words and phrases, adding formatting and styles to tables as well as headers and footers. The Excel Web App also has drag and drop cells and reorder sheets, with the ability to open and work on spreadsheets with Sheet Protection. And the PowerPoint Web App also gets an update with the ability to crop pictures and change names of files within the editing window.

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