New York State get Office 365 for Government


Microsoft Office 365 for Government has made some big strides in the past month, with New York State making the move to the cloud with Office 365.

At a time where government agencies are striving to be more productive with less resources, many are turning to the cloud for increased collaboration capabilities while reducing the time and cost expenses associated with maintaining an on-premise infrastructure, such as servers and storage. Such was the case with the city of San Jose, which moved over 5,000 employees to Office 365 to aid in the reduction of operational costs of serving the City’s population, which consists of nearly 100,000 residents. San Jose will utilize the combination of Office 365, Windows Azure and StorSimple shift operational focus from IT back-end operations and administration to optimized services for the City’s citizens.

Standardization of systems via one comprehensive communication and collaboration platform has also been a compelling argument for government agencies to move to the cloud, as was the case with New York State. Over 120,000 employees in New York State are moving to Office 365, a consolidation of more than 27 different email, document and data processing systems. New York State potentially saves up to $3 million in annual costs attributed to licensing, hardware, maintenance, energy and resource allocation.

SADA is a 2013 Cloud Partner of the Year finalist and West Region Technical Excellence Partner of the Year, and has completed numerous successful cloud deployment projects with government agencies.

We’re also 1 of only 34 National Systems Integrators (NSIs), recognized for our expertise in Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync.

SADA is currently engaged in a Government Investment Program that allows our organization to subsidize or eliminate your agency’s deployment service costs.

To learn more about our program, please email To learn more about our practice with Office 365, visit our Pinpoint or website.

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