Microsoft WPC 2014 Updates: Enterprise Mobility Suite


Microsoft made some of its biggest announcements and updates at their World Partner Conference (WPC) in July to debut Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s new “mobile-first, cloud-first” strategy. SADA Systems was privileged to attend and watch the latest updates unfold first-hand.


This is part two of a 3-part series dedicated to the latest news from WPC and what they mean for your business. The first covered recent Azure developments, but another key focus was Microsoft’s new, mobile-focused Enterprise Mobility Suite.

The Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) was designed by Microsoft to leverage the “mobile-first cloud-first” strategy.  It allows employees to use existing personal devices and provide organizations the ability to limit and maintain sensitive company information. Employees often use personal devices widely for both personal and work-related functions, which can make it difficult to keep private company information secure from filtering out through personal platforms and channels. Enterprise Mobility allows companies increased mobility and agility by fostering a safe environment for employees to use their personal devices while maintaining control over how company information is managed and shared. There are three main elements of Microsoft’s EMS:

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management is built on Azure Active Directory (AAD), which acts as an identity hub providing single sign-on to both Office 365 and hundreds of other cloud services. Building on AAD, Azure AD Premium offers customized branding and additional capabilities to save IT teams time and money:

  • Self-service password reset for employees
  • Self-service group management, including group-based provisioning and access management, to delegate group management and remove the full burden from top admins

  • Detailed security reports, powered by machine learning, to alert admins of threats

  • Powerful synchronization capabilities with on-premises directories

  • Comprehensive Multi-Factor Authentication to reduce risk and support compliance requirements

Master Data Management

Cloud-based master data management (MDM), provided by Windows Intune, allows organizations to let employees use their own devices while providing a one-stop administration portal for configuring device settings in order to meet compliance regulations. The data management capabilities also include delivery and management of apps across a wide range of different device types. With MDM, coordinators are able to control data-related configurations and settings for a multitude of devices with ease and efficiency.

Data Protection

Data protection is simplified with Microsoft Azure Rights Management (RMS) and Azure AD Premium, which provides protection from internal and external unauthorized access of your company’s data. This tool allows administrators to set up and enforce permissions and restrictions across multiple workloads such as Exchange, SharePoint, and Office documents, whether the information is in the cloud across a hybrid model combined with local infrastructure. Data protection features also include a software development kit for integrating data protection into your company’s applications. For example, policies can be embedded into actual documents, so that if a document is shared with the wrong user, there will be no way for them to open the file.

EMS is licensed on a per-user, not per-device basis, allowing organizations to facilitate Enterprise Mobility policies without having to count the number of devices in use. Furthermore, organizations can purchase different solutions from Enterprise Mobility Suite. Each of these powerful solutions allows organizations greater flexibility to leverage employees’ existing devices for work while maintaining control of managing settings and policies, and with the peace of mind knowing that their data is safe.

As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and National Solutions Partner, SADA Systems was privileged to send a number of our own leaders and sales reps to WPC to hear about the latest and Microsoft’s new productivity-focused vision. To learn more about eligibility or pricing or if you have any questions about Microsoft solutions, don’t hesitate to email us at

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