Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)


Today’s guest blogger is Anton Sarkisov, Solutions Architect at SADA Systems

In light of its new vision for a people-centric IT model based on empowering enterprise mobility, Microsoft is focused on the benefits that businesses can gain from cloud business solutions accessibility, unlimited data storage, and better collaboration. But how can companies move forward with this people-centric flexible model, while maintaining mobile device and application management policy standards for their devices? How can organizations securely manage all of the mobile devices their employees utilize daily, whether they are on-premise computers, Windows devices, Android phones or tablets, iPads or iPhones?

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) bridges this gap by bringing together access management, device management and security management. The EMS unifies identity, data, and mobile device management. Your mobile workforce can be more efficient by having the freedom to work from anywhere on virtually any device—now with full, highly secure access that IT managers can monitor and manage easily and effectively.

Here are the 10 benefits to consider with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite:

Help IT Protect Your Data via Microsoft EMS

10. Enable selective wipe for lost or stolen devices. Using Microsoft InTune, IT can selectively and remotely wipe any device, including applications and sensitive company data, management policies and networking profiles. With a selective wipe, the user’s personal data remains on the device but the device is removed from Intune, which removes any company information.

9. Deliver policy-based access control to corporate applications and data. IT can set policy-based access control for compliance and data protection with Azure Active Directory. With this feature, you are able to create conditional access policies that will block users who are trying to log in using noncompliant devices, or you can enforce a policy that requires users to enroll their devices to gain access to the server.

8. Protect corporate information with remote data and application control. IT can access managed mobile devices to remove corporate data and applications in the event that the device is lost, stolen or retired from use.

Unify Your Environment with EMS

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite - Top 10 Benefits

EMS lets IT teams selectively wipe devices and manage settings across platforms

7. Provide comprehensive settings management across platforms. Policies can be applied across various devices and operating systems to meet compliance requirements. IT can provision certificates, VPN’s, and wi-fi profiles on personal devices within a single administration console.

6. Unify management of on-premises and cloud-based devices. IT can extend its System Center Configuration Manager Infrastructure with Windows InTune to support cloud management of devices with a single administration console, where applications can be deployed to users across all of their devices.

5. Access on-premises and in-the-cloud resources with common identity through Azure AD. IT can better protect corporate information, manage and control resource access, and mitigate risk by being able to manage a single identity for each user across both on-premises and cloud-based applications.

Empower Your Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite Users

4. Support modern work styles. Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enables IT to deliver a corporate desktop and applications to employees that can be accessed from both personal and corporate devices, from internal and external locations, with the infrastructure continually running within the corporate datacenter.

3. Access company resources consistently across devices. Users can work from the device of their choice to access corporate resources regardless of location. Allowing employees to work from the device of their choosing will allow them to be more comfortable and result in less time lost on learning a new system.

2. Enhance end-user productivity with self-service and Single-Sign-On (SSO) experiences. Help users be more productive by providing each with a single identity to use no matter what they access, whether they are working in the office, working remotely, or connecting to a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. By giving each user a SSO, they are enhancing productivity and mitigating risk due to multifactor authentication which provides additional security through user verification.

And… our pick for the number one benefit of the EMS…

1. Enable users to work on the device of their choice. Gives users access to workplace applications, data and resources from almost any device from virtually anywhere on any device, while ensuring devices are secure and compliant. When users have the ability to be more flexible in their work environment, it can greatly improve morale.  Morale boosters are very effective in short term productivity and long term employee retention.

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