Empowering Enterprise Mobility while Maintaining Security


Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), which launched in March, 2014, was designed to address the urgent need for solutions that help organizations and their employees remain flexible and productive, while ensuring that corporate data is secure. EMS enables your organization to manage your IT, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, and Software as a Service (SaaS) in a cost effective method.


The three core products of Microsoft EMS–hybrid identity, mobile device management, and information protection–are designed to satisfy the need for businesses to remain flexible and mobile without compromising control or security.

Watch the video for a deep-dive and demo covering the three primary capabilities of Microsoft EMS:

Hybrid Identity – Microsoft Active Directory Premium

Hybrid identity is your identity in the cloud. Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Premium provides an easy single sign on (SSO) experience to thousands of cloud services such as Office 365 and Microsoft Intune – on nearly every device and with many browsers.

The purpose behind this core element of  EMS is to provide a seamless experience for employees and partners to log into different corporate platforms and systems while providing advanced security measures and reporting.

Mobile Device Management – Microsoft Intune

With the use of mobile devices for work exploding in the marketplace, company information can be scattered all over the place, jeopardizing security by giving users accessibility through other applications and the ability to share outside of the company network. Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows administrators to control which devices are being used to access company information and ensures that these devices remain secure.

MDM enables IT to manage capabilities such as comprehensive settings management and selective wipe through a unified infrastructure. These measures provide secure strategies and peace of mind built from the ground up.

Access and Information Protection – Microsoft Azure Rights Management Service

Access and information protection give businesses ultimate control over their intellectual property, allowing administrators to put policies in place to govern what can be done with their data. For example, a user can place a time restraint on a particular piece of data that will expire at a certain preset time. The organization can also see when and where documents or emails are shared and even control things like screen captures, printing, and forwarding.

These data governance capabilities, powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud, integrate with services like SharePoint Online and Exchange Online, as well as mobile device and hybrid scenarios.


Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite can integrate with essentially any other system, but provides additional benefits when integrated with Office 365 and Power BI, such as advanced security reporting and identity protection. To learn more about EMS, download the PDF by clicking below or email us at mssales@sadasystems.com.


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